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Ranes Ienith (Ranes Ienith)
Location Dren Manor, Dren Plantation
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level 15 Class Assassin
Other Information
Health 114 Magicka 140
Alarm 90 Fight 100
Ranes Ienith

Ranes Ienith is a Dunmer assassin. He and his brother Navil are members of the Camonna Tong who can be found at Dren Plantation, in the bedroom on the bottom floor of Dren Manor. Ranes will not even exist unless you attack Navil, Camonna Tong Kingpin Orvas Dren, or the guard Galos Farethi, after which he will appear directly behind you. They are wanted dead by both the Thieves Guild and the Morag Tong. Beware of their Glass Jinkblades.

Related QuestsEdit

Morag TongEdit

Thieves GuildEdit


  • If you plan to be a member of both factions, you should do the Morag Tong quest first so as to avoid a conflict which will prevent you from getting your reward. The Thieves Guild will not care if they are already dead before you start the quest.
  • During the quest Juicedaw Ring, Lorbumol gro-Aglakh will advise you to speak with Ranes, however, he is not enabled yet at this point in time and even if he was, he does not possess any dialogue relating to the ring.
  • Though described as being members of the Camonna Tong, Ranes and his brother are not actually listed as members of the faction in the game's files.