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Mebestian Ence (mebestian ence)
Home Town Pelagiad
Store Mebestien Ence: Trader
Race Breton Gender Male
Level 10 Class Trader Service
Gold 449 Mercantile Apprentice (20)
Other Information
Health 94 Magicka 128
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Mebestian Ence

Mebestian Ence is a Breton trader who has a shop in Pelagiad. He buys and sells just about anything. He gains extra cash by facilitating the "export" of Dwemer artifacts.

Related QuestsEdit

Thieves GuildEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

During this quest, it is possible to ask Mebestian about the Dwemer artifacts which you by that point know he possesses. As may be expected (especially given the fact that there is a guard within earshot), however, he denies knowing anything about such contraband and scolds you for suggesting otherwise, regardless of his disposition towards you. And he is just as unwilling to disclose any information that he might possess concerning New-Shoes Bragor's imprisonment:

  • Dwemer artifacts
    • "I resent your implications. I am an honest merchant."
  • New-Shoes Bragor
    • "I don't know what you're talking about. I know nothing about some thief rotting away in Fort Pelagiad."

Should you decide to confront him with the Dwemer contraband that you need to steal from his shop in order to blackmail Shadbak and free Bragor, he will react infuriatedly and continue to act as though he himself is innocent:

  • Dwemer artifacts
    • "Where did you get that?! It's illegal to have Dwemer artifacts. Get out of here before I summon the authorities."

From that point onward, he is even less enthusastic to speak about Bragor than he was from the very beginning:

  • New-Shoes Bragor
    • "I know nothing of him! Get out of here before I summon the authorities."


  • Mebestian's shop is spelled differently from his name, "Mebestien". To further complicate matters, his key is called "Mebastien's Key". A minor discrepancy on Bethesda's part.


  • Negative numbers indicate restocking items.
  • Items in italics are equipped, and can be purchased if you sell him something better first. (If there is more than one, you may be able to purchase the others.)
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