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Morrowind:Lleran Ancestral Tomb

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Lleran Ancestral Tomb
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# of Zones 1
Console Location Code(s)
Lleran Ancestral Tomb
Ascadian Isles, [-3,-7]
Lleran Ancestral Tomb

Lleran Ancestral Tomb is a small tomb between Hla Oad and Pelagiad, north of Seyda Neen in the Ascadian Isles region. It can be found by following the path to the west of Pelagiad as it heads to the north. When the path branches near Ulummusa, take the left branch as it heads west, and the tomb will be found a way down, on your left. There are three undead guardians in the tomb. The loot is two scrolls, a copy of 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 5, and some ingredients. A key to the locked (50) door that leads to the passage around the pit can be found on the wall left of the ash pit in the lower chamber (either fall down the pit or take the ramps on the right as you enter). Another key labeled simply "Tomb Door Key" can be found underneath a prayer stool in front of the ashpit in the final chamber. This key has no purpose in the game.

The interior of the tomb

Family MembersEdit

There are four known members of the Lleran family:


Map of Lleran Ancestral Tomb