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Bolrin (Bolrin)
Home City Ebonheart
Location East Empire Company Hall
Race Wood Elf Gender Male
Level 13 Class Merchant
Other Information
Health 110 Magicka 138
Alarm 0 Fight 30

Bolrin is a Wood Elf merchant working for the East Empire Company in Ebonheart. He is interested in a certain client list of one Audenian Valius in Vivec, and will ask you to retrieve it for him. Additionally, you may be asked to raid a shipment of dwarven limeware from one of his ships. You may give it to him for a reward in return for pointing out the holes in his security, though this is not the most profitable course of action.

Bolrin wears an expensive shirt, shoes, and a pair of extravagant pants. He also carries up to 100 gold. Aside from his natural resistance to disease, and the ability to command animals, he knows the spells Variable Resist Poison, Variable Resist Magicka, Variable Resist Frost, Variable Resist Fire, and Variable Resist Common Disease.

Related QuestsEdit


The Client ListEdit

  • Greeting:
"Greetings, friend. I understand you've had some dealings with the Company before. Perhaps you'd like to be of further assistance?"
  • further assistance:
"Yes. I have some work that would be suited to someone not officially linked to the Company, although it may be dangerous. Perhaps you'd be interested in a bit of information gathering?"
  • information gathering:
"There is a Telvanni enchanter in Vivec--Audenian Valius. I believe you helped him with a nasty little rat problem. Shame, that was. He has a rather exclusive clientele, and he sells very exclusive products at quite a large profit. It would be of interest to the Company to know who his clients are, and to know what items they require. If you can bring me a list of these clients and items, I would be most appreciative."
I will help you get the list.: "That's the attitude we like here at the Company. Go quickly and quietly. No one should know the details of your business. And if you are discovered, the Company will deny all knowledge of your existence. Good luck."
I cannot help you.: "Hmmm...a pity. Perhaps you are not the person I thought you to be. This conversation, of course, never took place. You understand, I'm sure."
"We must take advantage of every opportunity we can."
"'ve gotten the list! This will prove most advantageous. Business is all about having even a little advantage over your competitors. You have done well. Take this as a reward. And mention this to no one." (You receive 700 gold)
  • Audenian Valius:
"You will find him in the Telvanni section of Vivec. I'm not that familiar with the city myself; perhaps someone there can give you a more precise location. He is powerful, and his store will likely be guarded."

Liberate the LimewareEdit

  • dwarven limeware:
"A shipment of limeware? I know nothing about it. There are strict regulations on that kind of material entering Vvardenfell. You'd have to show me some proof for me to believe that."

If you have the limeware from his ship:

"You say that the limeware you have was on one of my ships? And you managed to get on board to steal it? What are we to do about this?"
You should be more careful with your security. Take your limeware.: "You were able to take this from one of our ships? I'll have the guards' heads for this! It's good you are an honest person, %PCName, and it is good that I know about the holes in my security at the docks. Here, take this as a reward. I would suggest you stay off my ships in the future." (You receive 500 gold)
I must be mistaken.: "Hmmm...I'm sure you were. Perhaps you'd better leave right now." (Disposition down by 10)