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Ienas Sarandas (ienas sarandas)
Home City Ald'ruhn
House Ienas Sarandas's House
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 10 Class Savant
Other Information
Health 84 Magicka 134
Alarm 0 Fight 0
Ienas Sarandas
Ienas after joining the Temple

Ienas Sarandas is a Dark Elf savant who lives in Ald'ruhn. Ienas inherited a fortune from his parents, but he has squandered most of it.

A number of local shopkeepers gave him goods on credit and are impatiently awaiting their payment. If persuaded to change his ways, he will join the Temple and become a priest.

Ienas initially wears a Brocade Shirt with Designer Shoes, a Racer Suede Belt, a Firejade Amulet, an Ebony Ring, Glass Ring, Silk Pants, and a Common Skirt. He also carries a common shirt with matching pants and a Steel Saber. When he joins the Temple, he dons a common robe. Aside from his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, he knows no spells.

Related QuestsEdit


  • Greetings
    • "Yes? I'm Ienas Sarandas. So. You're here about the overdue payments?"
    • "Hello, %PCName. Welcome to the Ald'ruhn Temple. I've decided to study for the priesthood." (after he joins the Temple)
  • my trade [Disposition ≥ 30]
    • "Trade? I'm afraid I have no trade. I shall have to think what to do."

Once the quest is over, he can be spoken to in the Ald'ruhn Temple:

  • study for the priesthood
    • "I decided to give my parent's house to the Temple. While I'm studying to be a priest, I will be serving here as a teacher, or doing anything else Almsivi requires. I'm sure my parents would be proud. And I feel so much better, now that I'm free of the guilt and shame of my former follies."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

  • overdue payments
    • [After he pays his debts] "Yes. The items should be returned to the Ald'ruhn merchants with my apologies. Thank you."
    • [Before he pays his debts] "Yes, I do have some overdue payments with local merchants. But I'm afraid I can't pay my debts right now. You see, I'm a little strapped for cash at the moment. But I have certain very attractive prospects underway, and I'm sure I'll be able to pay very soon."
    • Offer a sympathetic ear and friendly advice.
      • "Yes. Yes. You're so right. You've been very patient and reasonable, %PCName. As you say, I have the goods, I owe the money, and the honorable thing to do would be just to return the goods. It's... It's... Oh, it's too much to bear! I've lost everything my parents left me, and sold all the furnishings, just to pay my gambling debts. I've tried to pretend it will all work out, but I'm just fooling myself."
    • Offer a quote from 'Saryoni's Sermons' and a sympathetic ear.
      • "Indeed, it is as you say. '...Nor encumber myself with profitless treasures, but shall share freely among house and hearth.' I have forgotten the Grace of Generosity, the words of Lord Vivec. You are right to remind me of Saryoni's Sermons. I've been a fool. I've wasted my family fortunes, all in pursuit of profitless treasures. I should share freely, rather than squander the great gifts of home and hearth."
    • Offer a drink of brandy and a sympathetic ear.
      • "Yes. Indeed. That is FINE brandy. Thank you, friend. It's... It's... Oh, it's too much to bear! I've been such a fool. I've lost everything my parents left me, and sold all the furnishings, just to pay my gambling debts. I've tried to pretend it will all work out, but I'm just fooling myself."
    • Threaten to take the merchant's goods by violence.
      • "You clearly do not appreciate the finer points of honor, outlander. No self-respecting Dunmer would allow himself to be influenced by crude threats. I told you. I have not the cash now, but I expect to have it soon. These are the words of a gentleman. And I will not have my honor questioned by a rude outlander."
    • Take no immediate action.
      • "I'm sorry, but I have no gold to give you, and that is that."

The peaceful options will lead to:

  • "Here. Take these items and return them. Give the brocade shirt and silk pants to Bivale Teneran. Give the racer suede belt to Tiras Sadus. Give the ebony ring and the glass ring to Daynes Redothril. Give the designer shoes to Llether Vari. Give the firejade amulet to Bevene Releth. They are all merchants in Ald'ruhn. Return the goods, with my apologies.
    Now I know what I must do. I must give my parent's house to the Temple. And I shall enter the Temple myself, and see if I can make something of my life. Thank you, %PCName. You've taught me a valuable lesson. From this day forward, I shall make my honest way in the world, and try to be of service to others."


If you ask people in Ald'ruhn (Daynes Redothril, Tiras Sadus, Bivale Teneran, Llether Vari, and Bevene Releth) about Ienas Sarandas before completing the quest, they'll say:

  • "The young fellow's family has lived in Ald'ruhn a long time. His parents died recently and left him their house and estate. But Ienas has fallen in with a fast crowd. I believe he's taken to drinking expensive liquor and has incurred some gambling debts. He's a charming lad, everyone likes him, but he's not very sensible, and suddenly becoming rich seems to have made him an irresponsible fool."

If you ask them about Ienas Sarandas after he's paid his debts and joined the Temple, they'll say:

  • "Have you heard he has given his house to the Temple and is studying to be a priest at the Ald'ruhn Temple? The word is all over town."


  • In all the quest titles related to Ienas, as well as some of the related journal entries, his last name is misspelled as "Ienas Sarandus".