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Big Helende (big helende)
Home City Wolverine Hall
Store Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub
Race Altmer Gender Female
Level 17 Class Thief Service
Training Acrobatics (59)
Security (59)
Sneak (59)
Gold 100 Mercantile Journeyman (44)
Other Information
Health 113 Magicka 152
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Faction(s) Thieves Guild Mastermind(Mastermind)
Big Helende

Big Helende is an Altmer thief, located upstairs in the Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub, just outside Wolverine Hall. She is a high ranking member of the Thieves Guild, quest-giver, and medium trainer in Acrobatics, Security and Sneak for high-ranking Thieves Guild members.

Helende wears a common shirt with matching pants and a netch leather cuirass with matching boots and gauntlets. She also carries a silver sparkblade, common shoes and up to 50 gold. Aside from her natural weaknesses to fire, frost, shock and magicka, her natural bonus to magicka, and resistance to disease, she knows no spells.


  • Greetings:
    • "You were to deliver that potion recipe to Tusamircil."
    • "Have you gotten the Grandmaster's Retort for me yet, %PCRank?"
    • "I asked you to hire a wizard, %PCRank. Have you done so?"
    • "You were to retrieve Redoran Cooking Secrets for Fara. Were you able to yet?"
    • "You said you wanted to attempt to retrieve Felen Maryon's Staff [sic]? Any luck?"

  • Big Helende: "That's me."
  • Gentleman Jim Stacey: "Look for him in Vivec. You'll find him in the back room of Simine Fralinie's bookstore in the Foreign Quarter."
  • Felen Maryon's staff:
    • "Felen Maryon has an ebony staff that I'd like to get into our possession. He's a powerful wizard, though, so getting hold of it won't be easy. He's likely to kill you. This is the only job I've for left for you, so if you don't want it, you'll have to do elsewhere for your jobs. I wouldn't even offer it, but it's all I've got. It's up to you."
      • I'm interested. [3 Quality Rising Force Potion has been added to your inventory.] "It's your skin. Felen Maryon is in Tel Branora. He's one of Mistress Therana's personal retainers. You'll likely find him in one of the Telvanni towers there. Here, take these. It's tough getting around inside those things. Good luck, %PCRank."
    • "Haven't you got that staff yet? I know it's difficult, so if you want to give it up, let me know."
      • I'll be able to do it. "Fine with me, %PCRank. Let me know when you've got it."
    • "You've got the staff. Excellent. Tell you what -- I'll give you a choice. I really didn't expect you to be able to get that thing. I didn't expect anyone would be able to, honestly. It's yours if you want it, but I can also sell it and give you a cut of the profits. What do you say?"
      • I'll keep the staff. [Disposition +10. Ring of Far Reaching has been added to your inventory.] "That's fair. It's a good staff, after all. Good work getting it, %PCRank. As a reward for the work you've done for me, take this ring. It can be a big help grabbing things when you don't want to be seen. You've done some good work for me, %PCName. If you there's any money on your head, I'll have someone take care of it. Good work."
      • Sell the thing. [Disposition +10. Felen's Ebony Staff has been removed from your inventory. 250 Gold has been added to your inventory. Ring of Far Reaching has been added to your inventory.] "I should be able to get a good price for it. Here, take this as your cut of the profits. You've done good work here, %PCRank. This ring might help you out a bit, too. Helps snatch things from a distance. You've done some good work for me, %PCName. If you there's any money on your head, I'll have someone take care of it. Good work."
    • "Good that you were able to get your hands on that staff."
      • I'll let someone else handle it. "Can't say I blame you. Someone else will be able to take care of that eventually."
    • "Don't worry about the staff."
      • I'll pass on this one. "Can't say I blame you. Someone else will be able to take care of that eventually."
    • "Don't worry about the staff."
  • Grandmaster's Retort:
    • "They're not usually for sale, and when they are, they're a bit too pricey for most people. I've heard that Berwen the Trader in Tel Mora is selling one, but you can get it for a "special discount," if you're careful. There may be a few others here and there. Bring me any Grandmaster's Retort, and I'll pay you well for it."
    • "So have you found a Grandmaster's Retort yet?"
      • Yes, here it is [Disposition +10. Grandmaster's Retort has been removed from your inventory. 200 Gold has been added to your inventory.] "Yes, even I can see this is a fine retort. Our customer should be quite satisfied. And here's some gold to satisfy you."
    • "You already brought me a Grandmaster's Retort."
      • No, not yet "Keep looking, then. You'll find one eventually. Like I said, Berwen in Tel Mora might still have one."
  • hire a wizard:
    • "Go to the Mages Guild over at Wolverine Hall and see if you can hire a wizard to protect our guildhouse here from the Camonna Tong thugs."
    • "Never mind. I understand that the person in charge of hiring out wizards is dead. That was Arielle Phiencel. A shame. You don't know anything about her death, do you? Anyway, there are other jobs for you to do."
    • [Disposition +10. Dire Shardbolt Ring has been added to your inventory.] "Yes, our new guard has already arrived. Good work, %PCName. I was using this ring to help defend the place, but I don't need it anymore."
    • "You already hired a wizard. When his contract expires, maybe I'll need your help again."
  • jobs:
    • "We've been hired to fetch a Dispel potion recipe."
    • "One of our customers wants a Grandmaster's Retort."
    • "We need to protect ourselves from the Camonna Tong. Maybe we could hire a wizard from the Mages Guild."
    • "One of our customers wants the book "Redoran Cooking Secrets.""
    • "I'd like to see if you can't get Felen Maryon's staff."
    • "I don't have any jobs for you. Try asking Sugar-Lips Habasi in Balmora or Aengoth the Jeweler in Ald'ruhn. If they don't have anything for you, you can speak to the boss himself, Gentleman Jim Stacey."
  • Llethri Manor: "You'll find it in Ald'ruhn. Ask around there about where it is."
  • potion recipe:
    • "We don't usually do business with the Mages Guild, but Tusamircil wants a recipe for a potion of dispel magic. Everyone says the best alchemist in town is Anis Seloth. You might want to start looking for the recipe there. When you find it, deliver it straight to Tusamircil at Wolverine Hall."
    • [Disposition +10. 500 Gold has been added to your inventory.] **"Yes, I heard you delivered the potion to Tusamircil. Here's a little something for your trouble."
    • "You already delivered the potion recipe, %PCName."
    • [Disposition -10.] "What do you mean Tusamircil is dead? If I find out you're involved in this, we'll have words, %PCRank. For now, though, I'll continue to give you jobs."
  • Redoran Cooking Secrets:
    • "Fara, the proprietor of Fara's Hole in the Wall, and Dinara Othrelas, the cook over at Llethri Manor in Ald'ruhn, have an annual cooking contest. Fara wants an edge in this year's contest, and she's hired us to steal Dinara Othrelas' copy of "Redoran Cooking Secrets," which should be somewhere in Llethri Manor."
    • [Disposition +10.] "Oh, you delivered the book to Fara?"
    • "You already brought me Redoran Cooking Secrets."
    • "Have you found Dinara Othrelas' copy of Redoran Cooking Secrets?"
      • Yes, here it is [Disposition +10. Redoran Cooking Secrets has been removed from your inventory. Quality Potion of Shadow has been added to your inventory.] "Yes, I'm sure Fara will appreciate this. Well done, %PCRank. And take this, it could come in handy."
    • "You already brought me Redoran Cooking Secrets."
      • No, not yet "Well, keep looking. I'm sure you can find it."

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  • Negative numbers indicate restocking items.
Item Qty
Thieves Tools
Journeyman's Lockpick -5
Master's Lockpick -3
Journeyman's Probe -5
Master's Probe -3