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Dwemer Ruin:
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# of Zones 6
Bandits, Dwemer Centurions, Dwarven Spectres
Console Location Code(s)
Arkngthand, Cells of Hollow Hand
Arkngthand, Deep Ore Passage
Arkngthand, Hall of Centrifuge
Arkngthand, Heaven's Gallery
Arkngthand, Land's Blood Gallery
Arkngthand, Weepingbell Hall
Molag Amur, [0,-2]

Arkngthand is a large ruin near the top of a mountain located in the Molag Amur region, near Moonmoth Legion Fort.

You are sent to Arkngthand early on in the Main Quest as part of the Antabolis Informant quest to retrieve the infamous Dwemer puzzle box and, as a result, it is likely the first Dwemer ruin you will encounter in the game.

The easiest route to the ruins is the southeast road from Balmora and up the hill on the north side of Fort Moonmoth. A bridge spans the Foyada Mamaea with the hostile Snowy Granius on the other side. The entrance to Arkngthand can be found by turning slightly to the right on the east side of this bridge. In order to enter the ruins, there is a crank on a Dwemer pipe in front of the door which needs to be activated. Once done, you must be quick to enter the ruins before the revolving door closes.

Arkngthand is divided into six different areas: Cells of Hollow Hand, Deep Ore Passage, Hall of Centrifuge, Heaven's Gallery, Land's Blood Gallery, and Weepingbell Hall. Bandits have made their hideout in the outer chambers, and various Dwemer constructs prowl the inner regions.

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit


Hall of CentrifugeEdit

Hall of Centrifuge

This is the main entry hall of Arkngthand. It is a large open cavern with Dwemer architecture embedded throughout and three bandits, including Frink Ruuz and Surus Velvus, on patrol. The entry from the outside is atop this cavern with a corridor leading to one of the two Cells of Hollow Hand and one of the entrances to Weepingbell Hall to the right, near the bottom of the rocky staircase. One of the crates in this hallway has a bottle of flin sitting on top for the taking.

At the bottom of the rock stairs is a two-level structure: the bottom level contains three doors to Weepingbell Hall—the two on the left lead directly to a corridor with another door to Heaven's Gallery, the one on the right leads to the main corridor system—and the top has a door leading to the other area of the Cells of Hollow Hand. Also on the top level, a Dwarven spear can be found leaning against a cabinet. Various Dwemer artifacts and other junk can be found in steel kegs and crates, along with a motley assortment of ingredients and gold.

Cells of Hollow HandEdit

Cells of Hollow Hand
The room in the Cells of Hollow Hand that contains the Dwemer puzzle box

The Cells of Hollow Hand are two small chambers each accessible only through the Hall of Centrifuge. One cell, accessed from a hallway near the bottom of the rocky spiral staircase in the Hall of Centrifuge, contains the acrobatics skill book A Dance in Fire, Chapter 4. The other, accessible from the upper-level of the structure in the same area, contains Boss Crito and the Dwemer puzzle box needed for a quest. Additional Dwemer artifacts are scattered throughout the Cells, and steel kegs and crates contain ingredients such as diamonds, gold, and more Dwemer junk.

Weepingbell HallEdit

Weepingbell Hall

Weepingbell Hall is mainly a system of corridors connecting The Hall of Centrifuge with Heaven's Gallery. There is also one small room, and two caved-in passages which suggest the presence of more chambers that are closed off. In the small room with Red Livia are a lockpick and repair hammer on top of some crates and shelves. Dwemer artifacts and two crates holding random items, Dwemer coins, and gold comprise the available loot. Be wary of the many trapped doors and bandits that are within this area.

Heaven's GalleryEdit

Heaven's Gallery

Heaven's Gallery is a large segment with three rooms and an underground causeway leading to a telescope dome. There are corridors that lead back to Weepingbell Hall and forward to Land's Blood Gallery. Crates and steel kegs (most of which are empty) hide gold and ingredients, and a locked (5) Ornate Dwemer Chest contains 25 Dwemer coins and a few miscellaneous items. The key to the lower levels of Arkngthand is given to you if you choose to return to Hasphat Antabolis after delivering the Sixth House notes to Caius Cosades. This key simply opens the locked (32) door into Land's Blood Gallery.

When entering the area from Weepingbell Hall, you will be almost immediately attacked by a bandit in a room with Dwemer desks holding meager loot. A corridor to the right leads to another bandit and the door to Land's Blood Gallery. Going straight from the entrance will lead to a lava pool with a broken bridge over it leading to the telescope room and another enemy. It is possible to jump across the gap, or it can simply be levitated across. Additionally, there are Dwarven items at the top of the room, on the rim along the walls of the area.

Land's Blood GalleryEdit

Land's Blood Gallery

These corridors connect the Heaven's Gallery to the Deep Ore Passage. Several Dwarven constructs and a pair of Dwarven spectres patrol the area. Going right from the entrance will lead to several constructs, a lava pool with a locked (40) chest among some kegs with random loot and ingredients, as well as the door to the Deep Ore Passage. The path left will take you on a loop through the rest of the area. A large room on this loop has some random Dwemer items scattered about, as well as a chest containing a key to unlock doors in the Nchurdamz ruins.

Deep Ore PassageEdit

Deep Ore Passage

This is the deepest part of Arkngthand. The rocky passage on your left near the entrance can be reached by running and jumping up the incline just inside the doorway or, more easily, by levitation, and has a construct guarding the top. The passage is relatively straightforward with several Dwemer constructs and spectres lurking about, and ends in a large chamber with a pool of water, a tall, multi-level structure, and another construct. Using levitation, you can float to the upper levels, where you will find a spectre and a trapped chest at the top containing random Dwarven loot.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Bato Veranius   Nord Smuggler 4 60 16 0 100 Heaven's Gallery
Boss Crito   Imperial Battlemage 5 70 118 30 90 Cells of Hollow Hand Has a few potions, as well as 3 scrolls of Ondusi's Unhinging
Coirtene Liore   Imperial Smuggler 3 53 84 0 90 Heaven's Gallery
Cristus Lync   Nord Smuggler 3 63 64 0 90 Hall of Centrifuge
Dathman Mochtuis   Nord Smuggler 3 63 64 0 90 Weepingbell Hall
Frink Ruuz   Redguard Smuggler 3 63 64 0 90 Hall of Centrifuge
Idhdean Tailas   Breton Smuggler 3 48 104 0 90 Cells of Hollow Hand
Irbran Kirbatha   Breton Smuggler 3 48 104 0 90 Heaven's Gallery
Lalaine Essagan   Imperial Smuggler 3 53 84 0 90 Weepingbell Hall
Red Livia   Imperial Smuggler 7 79 90 50 90 Weepingbell Hall
Snowy Granius   Imperial Battlemage 3 54 108 30 90 Outside
Surus Velvus   Imperial Smuggler 3 53 84 0 90 Hall of Centrifuge


  • The entry door contains a tribute to the father of Gary Noonan, one of the Bethesda developers who worked on Morrowind.


Arkngthand, interior map