Lore: Places: V
Type Nordic Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold The Pale
Appears in Skyrim
Volunruud ca. 4E 201

Volunruud is an old Nordic barrow found at the edge of the snowy forests of the Pale, in the province of Skyrim. Situated near the Giants' Gap, the barrow was once a fortified wooden hall[1] that later became the tomb of its chieftain, Kvenel the Tongue.[2] All that remains is a lowly barrow in the hills of the Skyborn Range, near the site of Heljarchen.


Volunruud was founded sometime in the First Era, in which its main trade was butchery and working with ivory. At some point, it was incorporated into Whiterun Hold, at the time ruled by Jarl Gjalund.[1] Kvenel the Tongue was named the Chieftain of Volunruud Hall and eventually passed away. His burial chamber was sealed with a special lock that can only be opened with ceremonial replicas of his prized weapons, the Sword of Eduj and the War Axe of Okin.[2]

During the Skyrim Civil War in 4E 201, the undead of Volunruud was disturbed by the explorer, Heddic Volunnar, who scouted the ruins to search for treasures. He died not long afterward and his body was discovered by a traveler. The traveler skimmed through Heddic's notes and learned about the legend of Kvenel. From there, they delved across the crypt and opened the door to the Elder Cairn, where they fought the ghost of Kvenel and claimed his weapons.[3]

At around the same time, Amaund Motierre of the Elder Council made contact with the Dark Brotherhood in Volunruud, where he proposed his plans to assassinate Emperor Titus Mede II and some of the highest authority in Skyrim at the time. After the exchange, Amaund Motierre retired to the southeast in Whiterun, awaiting confirmation that the job had been completed.[4] After the assassination had been completed, the Dark Brotherhood collected the reward at the dead drop in Volunruud.[5]


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