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Kvenel the Tongue
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Kvenel the Tongue
Race Nord Gender Male
Appears in Skyrim

Kvenel the Tongue was an ancient Nord hero, and master of the thu'um. It is said his favored weapons to carry into battle were a hand-axe and sword, named Okin and Eduj respectively.[1] According to legend, Kvenel commissioned master blacksmith Haman Forgefire to forge Okin for him, to match his beloved sword, Eduj.[2]

Upon his death, Kvenel was entombed in Volunruud, Skyrim. His burial chamber was sealed with a special lock that could only be opened with two ceremonial replicas of Okin and Eduj, which were then put on display and guarded in other parts of the tomb.[3] Memory of his life faded as the eras passed and he was largely forgotten, save for old hymns and mythic accounts.[1] In 4E 201 the Last Dragonborn explored Volunruud and encountered the ghost of Kvenel. After defeating the spirit, Kvenel's legendary weapons were retrieved from his remains.[3]


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