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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Region Unknown
Appears in Blades

Rivercrest is a township that falls under the direct jurisdiction of the Bloodfall kingdom, a vassal of the Empire, in an unknown region of Cyrodiil.[1] It was destroyed by mercenaries in 4E 180,[2] and would later be rebuilt by the Warrior.[3]


First EraEdit

The Elder Statue of Valentis

In the First Era, together with his undead forces,[4] the immortal Celemaril waged war across Tamriel.[5][6] His brother Valentis led other Ayleid kings in a rebellion against Celemaril. With varla stones and an Elder Scroll, Valentis donned Celemaril's crown and spoke a ritual incantation, sealing his brother within a crypt beneath a marble statue bearing his likeness.[7][6][4] As king, Valentis would then erase much of the records of Celemaril and his conquest.[5][4] Valentis founded the town of Rivercrest around his statue which sealed Celemaril.[8][4]

Fourth EraEdit

Rivercrest on fire after the attack

Many young people left Rivercrest to fight in the Great War and never returned.[9]

Circa 4E 180, the Bloodfall Queen's hired mercenaries were sent to collect taxes from the town of Rivercrest, because they refused to pay the expensive taxes. Things soon escalated between the citizens of Rivercrest and the hired mercenaries, and in response the hired mercenaries destroyed the town's Elder Statue, and with it the town.[2] After the disbanding of the Blades, there were Blades who went into hiding and managed to evade the Thalmor hunting them. Two such Blades were the Warrior and Henrik Seven-Swords. The Warrior managed to evade the Thalmor and return to Rivercrest, only to find it ablaze and reduced to rubble.[10]

The destruction of the town's Elder Statue caused an undead Ayleid Sorcerer-King named Celemaril Light-Bringer to be released from his ancient bindings in the Ayleid ruins beneath the town, and the Warrior set out to rebuild the town and save all of Tamriel from the reawakened Lich. To rebind the Lich, the Warrior retrieved Celemaril's crown, five varla stones, an Elder Scroll, and a stone tablet inscribed with the ritual incantation. By the time the Warrior had acquired the necessary knowledge and items, Celemaril had amassed another undead army. He launched a final assault upon Rivercrest as the Warrior fought one-on-one against the Sorcerer-King. The Warrior was victorious and sealed Celemaril beneath Rivercrest once more.[11]

During the investigation of what had caused the fire in the first place, members of the Thalmor led by Justiciar Aranande would also arrive in Rivercrest, where they stated they were investigating for Blades agents. Henrik and the Warrior worked to hide their identities by leading the Thalmor on suicide missions and giving them false leads, with creatures such as bears and undead Ayleids killing Thalmor soldiers as they fell for these tricks.[12][13] The Thalmor were also tipped off to the location of a temple of Talos and intended to kill the worshippers there, however, the Warrior discovered the location of the Talos worshippers and warned them before the Thalmor could get to them.[14] After this, the Warrior also managed to kill a Thalmor messenger before they could relay information on who the hidden Blades were.[15] Eventually the Thalmor discovered the identity of Henrik and had him killed, but the Warrior avenged him by killing Justiciar Aranande.[16]

The Warrior also aided the Bloodfall queen after confronting her about the Mercenaries. In gratitude for securing her kingdom against bandits and Goblins plaguing it, she rewarded the Warrior's service by giving Rivercrest a two-year tax relief, thus allowing for the town to be fully rebuilt.[3][17]



  • Lord Sheogorath, under the guise of "Theodor Gorlash", an anagram of the former name, resided in Rivercrest as it was being rebuilt.[18]
  • The town of Rivercrest wasn't given an official name at first, but it was patched in by Bethesda to be the default name for the town.


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