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Type Daedric Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Black Marsh
Region Shadowfen
(Reticulated Spine)
Appears in Arena, ESO
Ten-Maur-Wolk ca. 2E 582

Ten-Maur-Wolk (formerly known as Tenmorvuk)[1] is a Daedric ruin located near the northern river of Shadowfen, in the province of Black Marsh. Ten-Maur-Wolk was built by Dark Elven dissidents from the north as a temple dedicated to Boethiah and Vaermina.[nb 1] While the former residents have since disappeared, the site retains an altered version of its name.[1] When the Third Empire took over and constructed maps of the province, they gave the site an Imperialized name: Tenmar Wall.[2][3]


Ten-Maur-Wolk was built sometime after the Tribunal's rise to power in 1E 700. Some of Boethiah's worshippers rebelled, fleeing south to Black Marsh, where they built Tenmorvuk in honor of their Prince. Years later, the site was abandoned, and the locals began referring to the shrine as Ten-Maur-Wolk.[1] At some point in time, Ten-Maur-Wolk served as a slave camp run by Dark Elves.[4]

In 2E 582, the Aldmeri Dominion occupied Ten-Maur-Wolk during an incursion of the region and its capital. Led by the alchemist, Ruuvitar, the Dominion used the ruins as a base of operations for their skin-stealers. Ruuvitar coveted an artifact known as the Mnemic Egg, seeking to use it to sever the Argonians' connection to the Hist and sunder the Pact. The Dominion boiled Hist Sap and fused it with the essence of a Dremora named Lyranth to steal their victim's memories.[5] Through foul alchemy, they changed their form to adapt to their victim's appearance. Using this method, a Dominion agent took on the identity of Stormhold's Nord vicecanon, Hrondar, and replaced him at his post for an indeterminate amount of time.[6]

After a series of murders perpetrated by the Dominion occurred in Stormhold, Hrondar's doppelganger led a regiment in an assault on Ten-Maur-Wolk but disappeared in the middle of the action. An agent of the Ebonheart Pact delved deep into the ruins to find the missing vicecanon, freeing Lyranth in the process. They destroyed the sap-boiling vats and killed the skin-stealer disguised as Vicecanon Hrondar. Following this incident, the Pact campaigned to track down Ruuvitar and recover the Mnemic Egg.[7][8]

During the Imperial Simulacrum in the late Third Era, the town of Tenmar Wall was an active settlement. It was ruled by Duke Germanicus and had a rivalry with Greenspring.[2] Tenmar Wall was neighbored by several settlements, including Alten Corimont to the east, Helstrom to the south, and Stormhold to the west.[9]



  • ^  Ten-Maur-Wolk's loading screen text claims that the temple was built for Boethiah but a book, A Fitting Tribute claims that it was built for Vaermina.

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