Lore:Tamarilyn Point

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Tamarilyn Point
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Map of Menevia

Tamarilyn Point (also spelled as Tamarilyne Point)[1] is a region found on the southwest tip of the County of Menevia, in the province of High Rock. The Bretons of Tamarilyn had once worshipped the old goddess of flowers, Druagaa, but while veneration has long since been dead, the festival held on Gardtide (on the 1st of Rain's Hand) continues to honor her and the old cult of flowers. It has always been a great success.[2][3] The region is the home of the Tamarilyn Coven of witches, who often congregate west of Whiteflower Garden and Lysandus' Tomb.[4]


In 3E 403, the War of Betony was coming to an end in the Cryngaine Field, King Lysandus of Daggerfall had arranged a meeting with Lord Woodborne, to safely escort him to Tamarilyn Point and eventually the Isle of Balfiera, while his double ventured into combat to fake the King's death. However, after the King departed from the shores, he was stricken down by Orsimer of the Minat clan and later buried in a tomb on the coastal edge of Tamarilyn Point.[1][5]


  • Tamarilyn Point is one of several regions that do not correspond to a certain province for the MAPS.BSA, leaving to believe that it goes unused in-game. However, based on the contexts of the narrative section in The Daggerfall Chronicles, it is used to retroactively refer to a specific part of Menevia.