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The Ring of Khajiiti (sometimes just Ring of Khajiit or Ring of the Khajiiti) is an ancient Daedric artifact, many centuries old, dating back to at least the Second Era.[1] It is associated with two Daedric Princes, Meridia and Mephala, who have both been known to offer the Ring in return for service.[2][3][4] It is said that the ring makes the wearer invisible, silent, and quick.[1]

The Ring was originally owned by Mephala, until it was stolen off her arm by Rajhin, the renowned burglar who later became revered as the Thief God of the Khajiit.[5][6] Using the Ring's powers, Rajhin became the most successful burglar in Elsweyr's history.[7] It is even said that Rajhin stole a tattoo from the neck of Empress Kintyra as she slept.[5] Eventually, after making use of its power too freely, Rajhin was abandoned by the Ring and left exposed to his enemies.[1][6]

Circa 2E 582 a popular card game known as Tales of Tribute had a card possibly depicting the ring. In 3E 405, the Agent of the Empire was offered the ring by Meridia in return for killing a sorcerer that broke an arrangement with her, to which the Agent agreed.[2] In 3E 427, Mephala tasked the Nerevarine with assassinating a member of the Morag Tong who was killing without obtaining writs. In return for dealing with the rogue member, the Nerevarine was awarded the ring.[3]. In 3E 433, the Hero of Kvatch was tasked by Meridia to cleanse a cave of necromancers; once this was accomplished, Meridia awarded the Champion the Ring.[4] In 4E 201, the Ring was owned by the Khajiit trader Ri'saad, who gave it to the Dragonborn as reward for retrieving a precious shipment.[8]

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