Lore:Malkur Valos

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Malkur Valos
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Malkur Valos
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Resided in Shivering Isles
Appears in ESO

Malkur Valos was a Dunmer member of the Mages Guild and an expert on Oblivion.

Malkur was born the only child of the wizard Maros Valos. When Malkur's mother died in childbirth, Maros summoned a Golden Saint to protect and care for his son. Malkur was taken to the Shivering Isles by his Daedric guardian and raised among the Aureals after Maros was killed in a mage's duel. Under their tutelage he acquired steadfast principles of honor and duty, although the inescapable influence of the Isles imbued him with a measure of unpredictability. Eventually, Malkur was drawn to return to Tamriel, where his natural magical ability caught the attention of Vanus Galerion. After joining the Mages Guild, the principles and objectives of the guild became the unwavering core driving his every action, though that was not always apparent to superficial observers.[1]

Following the Soulburst of 2E 578, Malkur was seemingly involved in investigating Molag Bal's growing influence, as evidenced by his encounter with Flaccus Terentius in Coldharbour in 2E 581.[2] In 2E 582, Malkur was among those assembled by the Mages Guild to take part in the invasion of Coldharbour.[3] However, after entering the portal on the island of Stirk, the invasion force was scattered across the realm by Molag Bal's defenses. Along with a group of fellow mages, Malkur ended up near the Court of Contempt, where the harsh laws of Coldharbour are enforced. The group were beset by Dremora and brought before the court, although Malkur himself evaded capture by transforming into a scamp. The trial was nothing but a farce, and the mages were quickly condemned to death. With the help of the Vestige, Malkur fought through the Daedric guards and rescued his peers from the court.[4]

He then journeyed to the Hollow City, where the scattered invasion force was assembling. He was responsible for opening and maintaining portals to Tamriel, which brought the Hollow City to life and allowed for supply lines and reinforcements to enter Coldharbour safely.[5] Malkur also partook in the invasion's final assault, when he entered the Endless Stair and helped put an end to the Planemeld.[6]

The famed summoner Gavis Velas and his brother Ovis Velas were descendants of Malkur.[1] They moved to Mournhold in 3E 427. Ovis was killed after publicly assaulting the Nerevarine, and Gavis died attempting to avenge him.[7]