Lore:Lost Valley Redoubt

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Lost Valley Redoubt
Type Nordic Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold The Reach
Appears in Skyrim, ESO
Lost Valley Redoubt ca. 4E 201

Lost Valley Redoubt is a nordic ruin built into the eponymous river valley of the Reach, in the province of Skyrim. The Lost Valley is a sacred site for the ancestral Reachfolk, specifically the Ghostsong Clan and those that also venerate Namira, the Spirit Queen. In the depths of the ruins lies a series of ancient Reach caverns called the Dark Descent, which according to legend, is an abyss that bridges the lands of the living and the dead.[1] The Bard's Leap is the summit of the mountain and water source for the Karth River. It is a steep drop to the river down below and it is somewhat of a local tradition to jump off of it.[2]


The Lost Valley was once inhabited by the ancient human tribes of the Reach, who only lived in the dark chasms of the Druadach Mountains. A tribeswoman was compelled by Namira to delve deeper into the cave, where they learned about dark and powerful secrets, such as the Prophecy of the Dark Heart. The two had made a bargain to keep these secrets and pass them down as legend for generations. That tribeswoman went on to become the first matriarch of the Ghostsong Clan and they have passed on these stories ever since.[1] The Ancestral Reachfolk of the Lost Valley performed all sorts of dark and deadly practices to appease their spirits, involving blood and even sacrifices.[3] Deeper in the barrow is a chamber that was specifically used for sacrifices to the Spirit Queen. However, the Ghostsong had slowly moved away from these traditions throughout the years and at some point in the Second Era, the barrow was sealed away by the then clan matriarch.[1] At the pinnacle of the Lost Valley is a shrine to Lorkh, who taught the Reachmen why they should fight and survive, and to never let themselves die quietly.[4]

A few years later in 2E 582, the next matron, Nathari gathered her clan to the sacrificial chambers of the barrow in a misguided attempt to fulfill the Dark Heart Prophecy. In a deal with Lady Belain, the Gray Host took over the outer barrow and sealed the inside away so that sacrifice can commence without interruption.[5] However, they were followed by the former Ghostsong witch, Arana and her associate, the harrier, who managed to scale the valley and infiltrated the barrow. Nathari and the remaining Ghostsong were well underneath in the Dark Descent, preparing the last part of the ritual. At that point, the Dark Heart had siphoned enough of their souls to re-awaken it, but before Nathari finished the rest of the tribe, she was confronted by Arana and the harrier. In a great clash, Nathari harnessed the power of the heart's void energy and turned into a wretched voidmother. But even then, her plans failed when she was defeated. Arana was able to escort the rest of the Ghostsong out of the ruins and recruited them to her rebel-faction, the Wayward Guardians.[6]

At some point, the Redguard bard, Azzadal scaled the Lost Valley and reached the Bard's Leap Summit. At the edge of the fall, he recited the entire Poetic Edda before he jumped off the cliff. Suffice to say that he did not survive and no one had participated in the Bard's Leap since, at least until 4E 201.[2] In that same year, the Forsworn faction of rebel-Reachmen took control of the Lost Valley Redoubt.


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