Online: People
Location Ezduiin, Auridon
Ossuary of Telacar, Grahtwood
Falinesti Autumn Site, Reaper's March
Ebon Stadmont, Summerset
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild

Andewen, an Altmer, is one of Telenger the Artificer's assistants. He frequently frustrates her, forcing her to ask you for help.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Mallari-MoraEdit

You first meet her at Ezduiin, battling some hostile spirits with Hanthaerin and protecting Candangarilde. Talking to her, she'll say: "You're not dead. That makes you my new friend."

Telenger sent me.
"Thank the Stars for that old man. Cannie is hurt, and some of my team members have been taken. We need to get her back to camp. Now that you're here, we can make a break for it."
Who took your team members?
"Some of the spirits appeared, grabbed my researchers, and then vanished. We need to get into the undercroft. It's the only place I can think they'd be."
Is there anything I can do to help?
"Perhaps. We were out there looking for runes. Combined, these runes form a key. We only need two more. Take a look and I'll meet you at the entrance of Ezduiin's undercroft."
I'll get them and meet you there.

You meet her again at the entrance. "I made a bet with Hanthaerin on the way back to camp. Did you find the runes?"

I have them.
"That mer owes me five gold. You've done well. Just a moment and I'll assemble the key."
Do you really think your researchers are in there?
"I hope so! If they're not.... Not worth thinking about right now."
Let's get inside.

She gets to opening the door. "This will be quick." As it opens, she says, "There. It's done. Let's go." Enter the ruins and she gives you the next objective, "Now, to find the others." You finally find the injured Meldil. "Meldil! Thank Auriel he's still alive! Meldil. Have you seen the others?"She'll say to you:

"I'm going to tend to Meldil. We'll move to the room just behind me. We should be safer in there."
Before you go, can I ask a few questions?
"Of course, but speak quickly."
Uricantar. Who is that?
"It's a name we're all trying to forget. Uricantar is very close—was very close—to me. Telenger cast him out of the guild and forebade him to use magic again."
What did he do?
"He couldn't understand that power has to have limits. That some costs are too high. You can see here what he's willing to do for a taste of power."
Meldil mentioned a place called Aetherius. What is that?
"How long do you have? I'm sorry. This is just not the place for a protracted metaphysical conversation. It may be enough to say that Aetherius is the spirit realm. The land of the dead."
He also spoke of a shard of Aetherius.
"I can't begin to guess. Not without more information. But the use of the Mallari-Mora. It may have twisted, broken off a part of the spirit world. If a mage were to gain access to such a place—the power. That sounds like Uricantar."

Save the researchers, then return.

"By the light of Auri-El, you've returned."
Uricantar's plan has failed.
"You are a capable sort, Stars guard your steps. I'm going to get us out of here. Put a stop to this madness. Find Uricantar and end him."
I'll deal with Uricantar.

Defeat Uricantar, and meet her back at the camp. "I prayed for your safe return. It's good to be out under the open sky again. I hope... I hope Uricantar went down without much struggle." After you accepted your reward from Telenger, she'll say, "Without your help, the tale of Andewen in Ezduiin would have gone very differently, I think. Good luck in your travels."

The Unquiet DeadEdit

She is found in the camp in the Ossuary of Telacar.

"This was supposed to be a simple assignment. I should never have allowed Lieutenant Urien to push us around!"
What's wrong?
"The Ossuary of Telacar was thought to be the resting place of Mannimarco's most powerful disciple. We were searching the site—carefully, mind you—when the shades awoke."
What happened?
"I don't know! They poured out of the ground. The soldiers rushed me back to camp, and now I'm the only one remaining. Lieutenant Urien won't let me venture from the camp, but you have no such restriction. Please, find my acolytes! Some must still live!"
I'll find the acolytes.

Rescue the acolytes and return to her. As you look for the bone scepter, she'll speak to you:

Andewen: "What are you doing?"
Andewen: "That's not your property."
"That bone scepter is the only thing of note we've found. There's no end of trouble since we pulled it from the ruin. It's not dangerous, not directly. What I mean to say is that holding it won't rot your hand off. At least, not immediately."
What does it do?
"It summons all the shades, I suspect. It certainly doesn't control them. Not that I've found, anyway. Although ... hmmm. The markings carved into the scepter are old Ayleid for "Pale Sentinel." Could that mean the creature at the heart of the ruin?"
What creature?
"It's the only shade we've heard speak, though it mostly just wails. It is rather pale, come to think of it. And the scepter works obsidian into bone, which is an old form of necromantic control.... Say, would you care to help prove a theory?"
What exactly do you have in mind?
"If that shade is in fact the Pale Sentinel, that bone scepter may have some control over it. And if it's directing the rest of the shades, perhaps you could force it to stop. Besides, we can't allow Telacar's ancient traps to remain active. Not this close to Elden Root."
All right, I'll test your theory.
"If the bone scepter can control the Pale Sentinel, perhaps the shades will setlle down. Then we can get back to excavating the Ossuary of Telacar."
Before I go—who is Telacar?
"He was a necromancer, one of Mannimarco's most talented apprentices. But he and his wife Vastarie eventually left Mannimarco's tutelage."
Why did they leave?
"It isn't entirely clear. There are many theories, but they all boil down to a difference of opinion. Seems to be the way of things with necromancers."

Investigate the shades inside the ruins. After you return to the surface, she says, "I don't know what you did, but the shades are a bit sluggish. We'll hold off the dig until they return to the ground... if they return. I should send word back to the Mages Guild. They'll want to know everything."

The Ebon SanctumEdit

She will stand by the entrance to Ebon Stadmont, muttering to herself.

"Wherever could that blasted mercenary be?"

If you took the quest from that certain mercenary, she says:

"Greetings, my friend. Fancy meeting you all the way out here.
Say, have you met with another High Elf around here? Heavy armor, sour disposition? I hired her as an escort for my expedition, and unfortunately I cannot start without her."
I ran into your mercenary on the way here. She says she quits.
"Hardly a surprise, given her demeanor last we spoke.
Still, it's hard to get someone to agree to escort you into Ebon Stadmont. From what I heard, the forest appears to ... shift as you move through it. Makes it a bit tricky to navigate."
Why do you need to travel though the forest?
"Well, I've found research of an ancient temple, somewhere in this very forest. I've come to study what secrets it may have, but I don't think it wise to go it alone.
Say, would you be willing to escort me? I must say, I do pay well."
Sure, I'll help.

If you haven't met her before:


If you took the quest directly from her, and you've met her before:

"Greetings, my friend. Fancy meeting you all the way out here.
Perhaps you could help me once more? I need an escort for my expedition. I expect we'll encounter some Daedra along the way, but I'm sure it's nothing you can't handle."
What kind of expedition?
"Put simply, I've found records of an ancient temple, somewhere in this very forest. I've come to study what secrets it may hold. I will warn you, Ebon Stadmont can be tricky to navigate. You'll have to keep a look out."
Tricky to navigate? How so?
"Travelers become lost, sometimes for days. From what I heard, the forest appears to... shift as you move through it. We'll need to keep close together. So? Want to help me unlock an ancient mystery? I must say, I do pay well."
Sure, I'll escort you through Ebon Stadmont.

The rest of the dialogue is the same.

"Thank you for accepting my offer. I'm quite excited to be heading my own expedition. Telenger may have a great mind, but sometimes he's a bit... much. It's nice to finally be able to break free from being just his assistant."
Have you quit being Telenger's assistant then?
"Oh, no, of course not. The Mages Guild still requires me to accompany him on his expeditions. I've just taken a short sabbatical is all.
Soon as I finish my research here, I'm sure I'll be off on more hair-raising adventures."
It seems as though you're not very happy as Telenger's assistant.
"Well, being Telenger's assistant is... informative, in many ways. But I think now's the time to prove to the Mages Guild, and to myself, that I can strike out on my own.
Ebon Stadmont just happened to catch my interest."
Can you tell me more about Ebon Stadmont?
"The ruins within Ebon Stadmont are ancient, perhaps even built in the Merethic Era. They contain inscriptions of a mysterious language, which only a few have begun to translate.
I believe these inscriptions can help lead us to the inner temple."
Can you tell me about the language?
"It's old, even from a High Elf's perspective. I've found translations of only a few phrases, and even those are sparse.
An interesting topic for a linguist perhaps, but for me it's only the means to an end. The temple is all I wish to investigate."
How will the inscription help us find the temple?
"As I said before, this forest is tricky to navigate. The pathways twist and shift as you walk through it. That's why the temple hasn't been explored previously.
Following these inscriptions should lead us to the temple."
What do you know about the temple?
"Not much. Even though one can see the temple through the trees, the forest has made all research near impossible. It most likely was a place of worship, now abandoned.
For some reason, the worshipers wished for the temple to remain inaccessible."
Inaccessible? How so?
"The nature of this forest doesn't allow travelers to simply walk to the temple we seek. Someone must have used magic to accomplish this, in order to keep outsiders from entering. Luckily, the inscriptions here should guide us."

Enter the portal to Ebon Stadmont.

Andewen: "We"re looking for inscriptions. Alert me once you see any gibberish carved into stone."

Find the "Inscribed Stonework".

Andewen: "Yes, this is exactly what we're looking for. Why, it's almost as if I can hear the words. Sel-rah ang-yond. Eastern... temple?"

As she reads it, several Daedra spawn, with an ogrim called Nogral spawning at the end.

Andewen: "Daedra? I don't have time for distractions. Could you hold them off while I finish translating?"

Defeat them.

Andewen: "The inscription indicates that the temple is further up. Quick, follow me."

Entering the next gate, you'll get separated:

Andewen: "How did we get separated? I was just behind you!"

If you can catch up with her, she says:

Andewen: "I swear I was walking in the opposite direction. Well, let's carry on!"
Andewen: "Huh. At least we're back together. Come on, this forest has to end somewhere."

If you get separated again:

Andewen: "By Auri-El, how did I end up here?"
Andewen: "I hear you! Over here!"

At last, she says:

Andewen: "Well, seems the rumors are true. Ebon Stadmont truly does twist around you. Perhaps another inscription will help guide us."

Speaking to her:

"You'll want to keep close. The pathways in this forest seem to be... broken somehow. In the metaphorical sense."
Can you tell me more about Ebon Stadmont?

Here, the answers are the same as above.

I thought this language was ancient. How can you read it so easily?
"Curious. Should I perhaps be insulted?
You're right though. Even with my previous research, I shouldn't be able to pick up a language this complex so quickly. It may sound strange, but it's almost as if the inscriptions are... speaking to me?"
Speaking to you?
"A dark voice. Perhaps a woman's? It's foggy though, like a memory or a dream.
This language must have magical properties. I'll just have to remain sharp, that's all. Make sure it doesn't muddle my mind."
What's wrong with the doors in this forest?
"I can do little but speculate, but I believe this twisting pathway is somehow protecting the temple. Only by reading the inscription were we able to make it this far.
If the answer is anywhere, it's within the temple. We should keep moving."

The next inscription is right ahead.

Andewen: "A-ha. Now, let's see... That voice again.Pa-rah Eek-nay. Past... pathway?"

Again, some Daedra spawn.

Andewen: "Daedra again? Oh, we don't have time for this!"

Defeat them.

Andewen: "I've got it! Follow me, the temple should be just ahead."

Enter the Ebon Sanctum. Andewen is not seen anywhere, but leaves a note behind telling you to follow her.

Andewen: "There you are! Quickly, up the stairs. Take care of that thing before it takes care of us!"
Andewen: "I need help down here!"
Andewen: "Thank the Stars, I think he's coming to."
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