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Azareth the Vinedusk Ranger
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The Vinedusk Rangers (formerly known as the Vinedusk Tribe)[1] is an elite group of Bosmeri rangers, assassins, and spies that historically live in Reaper's March, in northeast Valenwood.[1] They are considered some of the most proficient and lethal assassins in Tamriel,[2] and their main goal is to keep diplomacy and peace, while serving the High King of Valenwood.[3] Unlike most of the Bosmer that adhere to the Green Pact, the Vinedusk are more indifferent to the preservation of the Green, and will destroy it if it benefits them in battle.[4] They live in the aptly named Vinedusk Village, which moves regularly throughout the region. Not far from their township, the tomb of their leader, Nendaer the Ironbark is always not far away.[3][5]


Sometime around the latter years of the Second Empire, the Vinedusk Tribe and the neighboring Dakarn Clan waged an intense war throughout the region when the Border Scouts of Fort Sphinxmoth were no longer active. Their conflict consisted of cross-border raids and midnight murders, which often encompass uninvolved villagers and merchants. Each faction would take turns occupying Fort Sphinxmoth, and it was the most contested area but also a looter's paradise. At the height of the Vinedusk's banditry, they raided the city-state of Arenthia, until the respectable citizens of the region hired mercenaries and formed militias that eventually ended both the Dakarn and the Vinedusk's reign of terror. Since then, the Vinedusk reformed into the irregular unit, the Vinedusk Rangers,[1] under their first leader, Nendaer the Ironbark. Whenever Vinedusk Village moves, they also re-locate Nendaer's tomb somewhere not far from their new site.[5]

Treethane Iirdel of Cormount
Camoran Gelthior of the Blacksap

By the time, Aeradan Camoran was the ruler of Valenwood, the Vinedusk Rangers were in his service. The King's attempt to renew the philosophy of his land and their relationship with the Green Pact was the core reason for his cousin, Gelthior Camoran's campaign for the throne. Gelthior and many Bosmer disapproved of the King's attitude toward the Green, and cited the Vinedusk's consumption of roots from the ground as an example of it.[6] By the time, the province served under the Aldmeri Dominion, the battle between the Throne of Valenwood and the Blacksap Rebellion was reaching its finale in their home town of Cormount. One of the Vinedusk's agents, Iirdel was the Treethane of Cormount by the late sixth century of the Second Era.[7] After the infamous Battle of Cormount in 2E 580, the Vinedusk advanced onto Cormount and one year later, they had captured Gelthior Camoran and imprisoned him in a buried Ayleid ruin near the town.[7]

An Agent of the Dominion traveled to Cormount at the height of this conflict and assisted the Vinedusk Rangers in their operation. Their mission was to apprehend the two other leaders of the Blacksap Movement, Gelthior's sons, first Lorchon the spymaster and then Gorinir. The Agent met with Blacksap sympathizers and eventually rendezvous with Lorchon at the Battle of Cormount Memorial, known to them as the Butcher's Ground. The first brother willingly turned himself in when he realized that his father was alive, but the second brother was not as lenient and summoned lurchers to attack Dominion camp grounds. In the end, both brothers were captured and the Blacksap were leaderless. The Vinedusk were given the task of holding them in their prison until the King said otherwise, but it is unknown whether that was the case or if they were put on trial in Elden Root.[8]

By the time the Dominion became involved in the Alliance War, the Vinedusk Rangers were deployed throughout Valenwood and Cyrodiil, leaving Vinedusk Village without as much defense.[3] King Camoran utilized the Vinedusk Ranger, Azareth to uncover the strange happenings in Elden Root, which was later revealed to be a conspiracy created by the Altmer ambassador, Tarinwe.[9] After the Veiled Heritance's defeat in Firsthold, the Vinedusk Rangers were deployed to hunt down any remaining members on Auridon and all but one of them were defeated.[10] Following their conquest of nearby Arenthia, the Vlastarus Cohort of the Legion of the West Weald advanced southwest toward Vinedusk Village and built their camp on the grounds of Nendaer's Tomb. From there, they launched their assault on the village and occupied much on the eastern village. With help of an Agent of the Dominion and their alchemy engineer, the Vinedusk made their plans for a sufficient counterattack, first by burning the Colovians out of their home[11] and assault the Colovians from their rear. With an alchemical mixture, the Vinedusk razed the camp and left the Colovians in disarray. In the midst of the chaos, the leading Imperial Colonel, Festius and his aides retreated in Nendaer's Tomb, where they were slain by the Agent of the Dominion.[12]


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