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Greenmote, a light green powder, is a powerful narcotic substance created by the mortal inhabitants of the Shivering Isles. Unrefined greenmote can be taken from mushroom tree saplings found in Mania, but has few practical applications, even to alchemists.[1] Only the Duke of Mania has access to a refined version of the substance. A hidden silo of greenmote was stored in a secret tunnel system beneath the Palace of Sheogorath in New Sheoth.[2] The drug is very potent, and overdosing causes the heart to explode, resulting in immediate blood loss death. Taken in small doses, the substance causes rapture, as well as gifting the imbiber with improved night vision, speed, endurance and personality. However, it also results in temporary blurred vision, as well as a decrease in strength, intelligence and agility. Greenmote can be added to food, turned into a potion, or eaten straight.[3]

The Manics believe that Arden-Sul died during "a night of absolute indulgence", when he and his guests overdosed on greenmote. It is tradition for an exiting Duke of Mania to invite his successor to a great feast, where the Duke will imbibe three portions of greenmote, causing an overdose. To become the new Duke, the successor must then pour his predecessor's lifeblood onto the altar in the Sacellum Arden-Sul, where it will be consumed by flame.[4] It was rumored that Duke Thadon was poisoned in 3E 433, when a usurper added too much greenmote to his food, resulting in the Duke's unintended death. Others claim that the Duke defected following the death of Syl, and joined Jyggalag as a Priest of Order.[5]


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