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For the Fighters Guild quest of the same name, see Kill Hard-Heart (Fighters Guild).

Kill the corrupt Master of the Fighters Guild in Vivec.
Quest Giver: Gentleman Jim Stacey at Simine Fralinie's Bookshop in Vivec's Foreign Quarter Canalworks
Location(s): Vivec
Prerequisite Quest: The Brothers Ienith
Reward: The Skeleton Key
Promotion to Master Thief.
Disposition: +15 Disposition
Reputation Gain: +15 (Thieves Guild)
ID: TG_KillHardHeart
Required Rank: Mastermind
Hard-Heart fighting back

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Gentleman Jim Stacey at Simine Fralinie's Bookshop, in Vivec's Foreign Quarter Canalworks, for a new job.
  2. Travel to Vivec's Guild of Fighters and eliminate Sjoring Hard-Heart to remove the influence of the Camonna Tong from the Fighters Guild.
  3. Return to Gentleman Jim Stacey to complete the quest.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


Gentleman Jim Stacey at Simine Fralinie's Bookshop, in Vivec's Foreign Quarter Canalworks, wants you to kill Sjoring Hard-Heart in the Vivec Guild of Fighters to remove the influence of the Camonna Tong from the Fighters Guild.

Kill Hard-Heart[edit]

Sjoring Hard-Heart can be found in the basement of Vivec's Guild of Fighters in the Foreign Quarter Plaza. Despite being Master of the Fighters Guild, he is an average opponent. Frenzy Humanoid or Taunt can be used to force him to strike first, in order to avoid any negative consequences when killing him. Command Humanoid or Charm spells can be used to lead him to an isolated area before attacking.

Once the job is done, return to Gentleman Jim Stacey to be rewarded with The Skeleton Key, as well as a promotion to Master Thief. Jim Stacey will disappear from the game after this quest, so finish up any remaining quests with him first.


  • If you plan on finishing the Fighters Guild's quests, you should speak with Percius Mercius about his final quest. That way, you can return to each guild with the final promotion to head of guild.
  • It is also possible to kill Hard-Heart for the Fighters Guild and then report it to Jim Stacey, before doing any of his other quests or having the Mastermind rank. This way, you will get the Skeleton Key and Stacey will stay where he is, allowing you to finish his quests.
  • Close the door to Hard-Heart's room before you attack him, otherwise the guild members will be alerted and assist him. They will not attack you if Hard-Heart is already dead, but they will prevent you from looting his room.


  • Speaking to Gentleman Jim Stacey about Sjoring Hard-Heart will start this final quest even if you haven't completed any of the other Thieves Guild quests. Completing the quest at this point will prevent you from doing any of Jim Stacey's earlier guild quests.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Kill Hard-Heart (TG_KillHardHeart)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Gentleman Jim Stacey asked me to kill Sjoring Hard-Heart, the Master of the Fighters Guild in Vivec.
100 ☑Finishes quest Gentleman Jim Stacey thanked me for killing Sjoring Hard-Heart and gave me the Skeleton Key, a priceless artifact.

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