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An active foyada running down the Velothi tower of Shishara
A foyada in the Molag Amur region

Foyadas, or fire-rivers in the native Ashlander language, are deep, ash-dark volcanic ravines which run down from Red Mountain on Vvardenfell. The lava from Red Mountain is very fluid and runs almost like water. During an eruption, lava pours down the mountainside and leaves the area bare of all vegetation.[1][2] Once a Foyada is created, the chance of a new one lessens, as the lava will normally run down the existing one.[citation needed] They are a good alternative to roads when heading towards the rugged mountain, as they have good footing, are clear of brush, and run for long distances.[1] Animals such as shalk and kagouti travel through foyadas as well.[3] The Ahemmusa tribe basks in the silence of foyadas, seeking the open path, a stiff breeze, the crunch of lava stone beneath their feet, and the sighing heat of the fire river, for to them there is no greater wealth or greater comfort.[4]

Foyada Mamaea is one of the largest and oldest foyadas running down the slopes of Red Mountain, and is very easily recognized. It runs from the southern lip of the crater of the volcano through Ghostgate, which is built in the center of the Foyada, then generally south-southwest, past Moonmoth Legion Fort before finally ending a bit east of Hla Oad.[5][6][7]

Eight other named foyadas exist on Vvardenfell: Foyada Ashur-Dan; Foyada Bani-Dad; Foyada Drura; Foyada Esannudan; Foyada Ilibaal; Foyada Nadanat; Foyada Zabirbael; and the lost Valley of the Wind.