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Lore:Fort Virak

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Fort Virak
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Stonefalls
Appears in ESO
Fort Virak ca. 2E 582

Fort Virak is a fortified mountain pass that is situated in the mountain basin of Stonefalls, in Morrowind. Strategically located in the snow-laden valley of the Velothi Mountains, it is a gated checkpoint between Morrowind to the east and the Rift of Skyrim to the west. It serves as Stonefalls' western mainline of defense and has survived countless sieges throughout the years. Underneath the fort is a series of mazes that have since collapsed.[1]


Fort Virak has been utilized by the Dunmer in several different conflicts for many years, and the pass has seen thousands of skirmishes between Nords and Dark Elves, dating back to before the Battle of Red Mountain. The ancient Nords attempted to invade Chimer lands through the pass.[2] The earliest known usage of Fort Virak itself was during the era of the Akaviri Potentate, when the underground was sealed off after a series of mysterious collapses.[1] At some point before 2E 572 the Nordic warmonger, Unnvald Ironhand, launched a series of campaigns against Morrowind and was decorated as a valiant hero by the Nords.[2] One of his battles was remembered as the "Battle of the Bones", when he faced necromancers that took over Fort Virak. With his sword Bonebane, he defended the pass and squashed the undead. A memorial was erected in the vicinity of Fullhelm Fort.[3][4] It is not in full view from Fullhelm, but it is visible from Fort Virak, as a cheeky reminder for the enemy specifically.[2] In 2E 572, Fort Virak fell to the Kamali forces of Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal, who then pressed onward across the coast.[5]

During the Three Banners War in 2E 582, Fort Virak was captured by the Daggerfall Covenant, under the command of General Serien. After their grave loss at Vivec's Antlers, the Covenant moved west toward Fort Virak and laid waste to the countryside. They took the keep and reinforced its walls, bracing for a massive siege from the Ebonheart Pact, under the command of Garyn Indoril. The Pact's siege made little to no damage to the keep walls. Every day, the Pact let the Covenant recover their dead, out of respect. However, they soon realized that the enemy was using necromancy to revive their fallen soldiers and constantly sent the undead to fight them once again. An elite group of warriors went to the Virak Ruins, where they used an elixir to bypass the debris and successfully infiltrate the keep.[6] They rendezvoused with the Nordic forces in the Rift side of the Fort and confronted General Serien in the main keep. The Pact fought a serious battle with the General, who transformed into Flesh Atronach and in a last ditch effort, killed Garyn Indoril. Even with the Covenant defeated, Garyn's father, Tanval Indoril stole the Pact's Coral Heart and swore revenge against the Daggerfall Covenant. With his Vanguard, Tanval fled Fort Virak and went to the nearby House Dres city of Kragenmoor.[7] Later that same year, the Worm Cult raised a substantial amount of the thousands of Nords and Dark Elves who'd fought over the pass to assault Fullhelm Fort.[8]



  • There is another provincial checkpoint between southeast Skyrim and west-central Morrowind in the same general area called Silgrad Tower, which was more active in the late-Second Era.[9]

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