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The Flask of Lillandril

The Flask of Lillandril is a magical flask that absorbs and reflects magic of all kinds. Its anti-magic property also prevents mages from detecting its location.[1] The flask was discovered around the year 1E 470 by a group of elves living in the Summerset Isle city of Lillandril.[2] The elves spread news of their discovery, enough to make it an artifact of song and legend.[3] It became the city's symbol and was displayed on their banners.[4]

The elves used the flask to perform favors for the barons of Summerset Isle by keeping in check the magical power of the Bosmer in Valenwood.[2] One legend says that a stable boy defeated the High Wizard of Valenwood using only the flask.[1] After some time, the elves who discovered the flask feared that Bosmer assassins would kill them, so they fled for Daggerfall, hoping to buy safety from the Direnni. The elves shipwrecked off the southern coast of Stros M'Kai, killing all of them according to legend, and the Flask of Lillandril was lost.[2][3][5]

The general location of the flask, however, was not lost. Sometime after the shipwreck, a map was created showing its location relative to a wayshrine to Leki in the town of Saintsport. The map was torn into four pieces; one of them was later inscribed on a ship model made of silver and another on the back of a Restless League insignia.[5][6] Some think there was a survivor of the shipwreck who hid the flask on land and made the map.[3] Additionally, ancient fragments of a manuscript called the Lagan Text contain references for a second map that clarifies the orientation of the first map.[2][7]

Into the late Second Era, treasure hunters from all over Tamriel searched for the flask to no avail.[8] During its occupation of Stros M'Kai, the Third Empire also searched to some degree, possibly to dispel the magical defenses of the Summerset Isles and start an invasion.[9][10]

In 2E 864, Cyrus learned about the flask and was able to piece together the map showing its location. He discovered it contained within a chest buried in the sand not far west of Saintsport.[10] With this flask, he was able to defeat the Sload necromancer N'Gasta by reflecting the spells cast at him. He gave it to Clavicus Vile in exchange for his sister's soul, but Vile took it as a present instead and required that he solve a riddle to win back the soul.[11]

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