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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
Region Stros M'Kai
Appears in Redguard, ESO
Saintsport circa 2E 864
Saintsport circa 2E 582

Saintsport is a small settlement located on the southern tip of Stros M'Kai. It contains a port, a lighthouse, and the Square of Leki, a large shrine dedicated to Makela Leki. The town was named in honor of Leki, Saint of the Spirit Sword.[1]

Circa 2E 582, the town was captured by the Sea Drakes, a band of pirates led by Captain Helane. Their presence on the island contested the rule of Headman Bhosek and his Bloody Fist thugs in Port Hunding. The pirates were eventually driven off after a rescue mission was mounted to save the kidnapped crew of the Maiden's Breath.[2]

By 2E 864, Saintsport had been reduced to a ghost town. The lighthouse was used by the Restless League to signal when it was safe to come ashore. It was here that Cyrus first made contact with the League.[3] He also discovered the location of the Flask of Lillandril buried in the sand west of Saintsport. The map he pieced together began its path at the shrine in the center of town.[4]



  • The sailors of Saintsport would carve whale bones into whistles that resemble reclining mermaids.[5]

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