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Home Town Town
Race High Elf
Gender Male

Telarendil is a High Elf scholar and expert on the subject of Ayleidoon. He is initially trapped by the undead in an Ayleid ruin until you free him to translate the Stone Tablet. He will later relocate to the Town.

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Secrets of the AyleidsEdit

He will initially be frozen in a cowering state at the end of the ruins, with two Skeletons drawing their swords on him until you defeat them. You can then speak to him:

"Thank you for rescuing me! Are you also a student of ancient history?"
Never cared much for it.
"That's really too bad, the past has so much to tell us."
Can you translate this stone tablet?
<Conversation continued below>
You could say I've recently become one.
"Wonderful! The past has so many great lessons to teach us, don't you agree?"
I do, and I think you can help me with that.
"I can? How?"

Either option eventually leads to:

Can you translate this stone tablet?
"Where did you get this?"
I recovered it from an Ayleid tomb.
"Ah, yes. That would explain the various references to their burial rituals.
Let's see. Hm... Yes, definitely ancient Ayleid written here. Wait, what's this? Celemaril the Sorcerer-King? Fascinating!
This describes his rise to power, his conquest of Tamriel and his defeat by his brother Valentis. Amazing!
It seems the victors of that conflict erased his name from history. That explains why so little is known of him."
Does it say *how* they defeated him?
"Let me see... it mentions Valentis using some kind of scroll to bind Celemaril under a statue."
That must be the one the Queen's men took.
"Now, this is interesting... the author describes the scroll as ancient, even for the Ayleid civilization.
My goodness. I... I think this may be referring to an Elder Scroll."
I thought those were all in the Imperial Library?
"Well, that's what it says..."
I need to go back home right now.
"I'm coming with you! This is a major discovery!"


He can be asked about his thoughts on the Thalmor and where he comes from.

Where are you from?
"I was born in Alinor, capital of the Summerset Isles. I've been away from home for decades. My love for ancient history has taken me across Tamriel. Cyrodiil, mostly, but also Morrowind, Skyrim and Black Marsh.
Haven't been to Hammerfell in a while, though. My kind isn't exactly welcome there these days."
Do you support the Thalmor?
"What do you mean? I don't *oppose* them, and they provide me with some protection once in a while…"
Do you agree with their positions?
"Historians such as myself try to stay away from politics. We know how these things play out, and it rarely ends well. Let's just say the notion of a people believing itself superior to others holds little attraction to earnest students of history."
Altmer sticking together, huh?
"A lot of Altmer have disagreed with the Thalmor over the years, but few of them dare speak up."