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Calcelmo's Stone
A close up of the inscription

Calcelmo's Stone is an artifact bearing inscriptions in both the Dwemer and Falmer alphabets. The Falmer inscription may be translated almost fully using our knowledge of the Ayleid language, and the result is relatively close to the official translation given by Kurt Kuhlmann. The inscriptions are transliterated below:


Chun thuamer arkngd chend duathand, th ahvardn btham. Amz thuamer ahrkanch kemelmzulchond aka
Mora, th thuangz ahrk, th duum melz thuabtharng, th kanthaln duabcharn mzin thuastur, btharumz thua
mer zel. Abakch duumarkng tuathumz amakai, th abakch avatheled kagr tuamkingth mzan. Du chal fahl
ngark, che du fahl bthun ur. Du chal fahl ngalft, che du bthun ur. Du abak chal thu abazun nchur
duabthar, nchul duanchard. Th ur thuanchuth irknd, ur irkngth eftardn, thunch fahlz. Bthun abak dua
mzual th nchuan duarkng, chun fahlbthar thuanchardch anum ralz, th eftar thuachendraldch kagren thua


ye sa sou meldi calne tarn va nou molagnenseliye trumbi nou bala
ilpen av sou meldi nagaiale as guntumnia spantelepelaelia arani morae
ye sou liebali racuvane ye nu rautane sye ye nu hautalle nou buroi
gume sou gravuloi sa metane sye garlis frey as gandra dwemera tarcel 
lane sou agea ye frey as emeratis avatheledia carelle sou anyamissi 
bisia silya nu hecta sou arcten rias nu nemalauta ge nu hecta sou epe 
gandra rias ne nemalauta ge nu frey sepa sye arcta varlor denai 
cullei noue staneiaye ry sou alasil auta ry loria shanta abagaiavoy 
malautavoy fey nou darre ye alata nou malae asma moraga sou anyamis 
av sercen pado ye gethena sou wend narilia vey emeratu sou oia bisia

Literal Translation of the Falmer Script:Edit

And so your exiles CALNE portal in our fire-water halls and TRUMBI our power
ILPEN of your exiles died by GUNTUMNIA SPANTEL-speak-throat kings of (at)mora
and your LIEBALI were cast down and we RAUTANE and we HAUTALLE our vassals
GUME your GRAVULOI so METANE SYE caverns FREY by Dwemer gifts TARCEL
LANE your wisdom and FREY by music of Avatheled CARELLE your new lives
SILYA we exile your ARCTEN RIAS we NEMALAUTA GE we exile your
gift of speech RIAS never NEMALAUTA GE we FREY SEPA SYE accept VARLOR treaties
foods we STANEIAYE as your vision AUTA as darkness comes do not fear
MALAUTAVOY FEY our DARRE and light NOU of high by what MORAGA your lives
of SERCEN before and GETHENA your final journey VEY music your new eternity

Official Translation of the Falmer Script:Edit

And so it was that your people were given passage to our steam gardens, and the protections of our power.
Many of your people had perished under the roaring, snow-throated kings of Mora,
and your wills were broken, and we heard you, and sent our machines against your enemies, to thereby take you under.
Only by the grace of the Dwemer did your culture survive,
and only by the fifteen-and-one tones did your new lives begin.
We do not desire thanks, for we do not believe in it. We do not ask for gratitude, for we do not believe in it.
We only request you partake of the symbol of our bond, the fruit of the stones around us.
And as your vision clouds, as the darkness sets in, fear not.
Know only our mercy and the radiance of our affection, which unbinds your bones
to the earth before, and sets your final path to the music of your new eternity.[UOL 1]


Note: The following references are deemed to be unofficial sources. They are referenced to round off the information in this article and may not consist of definitive lore.

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