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Lore:Rourken (person)

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King Rourken (person)
Rourken Clan banner
Race Dwemer Gender Male
Resided in Volenfell
Volendrung, the Hammer of King Rourken

King Rourken was a Dwemer chieftain, and later king of the Dwemer clan that shared his namesake, clan Rourken. When Chimer Hortator Indoril Nerevar and Dwemer King Dumac aligned to form the First Council, Rourken and his people resisted this alliance.[1] From Resdayn Chieftain Rourken threw his hammer, the artifact Volendrung across Tamriel and vowed to lead his clan to wherever it landed.[2] The hammer landed in a location known as Volenfell in the province of modern day Hammerfell.[2] In Volenfell Rourken became a king among his people.[3]

Later on in the First Era Rourken and his clan found themselves embroiled in a war with the legendary wizard Shalidor. Rourken had the Spellbreaker shield created to assist his side in the war with Shalidor, although the artifact was lost in the final battle between the two sides.[3] Rourken's high honor guard were also outfitted in special gauntlets with tonal magic derived from Spellbreaker, that also were believed to have seen use in the battle with Shalidor.[4]

Rourken's Shield, Spellbreaker

King Rourken's people were not spared from the fate of all Dwemer following the cataclysms of the Battle of Red Mountain as they too disappeared.[5] Following the disappearance of the Dwarves, Rourken's artifacts became associated with Daedric Princes, namely Spellbreaker becoming tied to Peryite[6] and Volendrung becoming associated with Malacath, who ironically was an enemy of the clan.[1] Redguards who control the province of Hammerfell in modern day Tamriel pay tribute to the Dwarven King with various exclamations such as "Beard of the Dwarf-King", "By the Great Hammer", and "By Rourken".[7]