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Dragonslayer Questline
Confront Azzin about Shulkunaak.
Rarity: Epic
Quest Giver: Azzin
Location(s): Town, Shulkunaak's lair
Prerequisite Quest: The Hunt, part 2
Reward(s): Boneshaver
XP: 600
ID: DS07
Recommended Level: Player Level 33
BL-icon-Secret.png Secret Areas: 1
Azzin says there's another dragon to kill in the area, and I suspect he means Shulkunaak. I should talk to Saashi about this before leaving town.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Saashi about Azzin's Plans
  2. Find Shulkunaak's lair
  3. Defeat Azzin
  4. Check on Saashi

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

You will first have to speak to Saashi in town and inform her that Azzin wants to hunt down Shulkunaak, she will say that he should be spared as he helped defeat the Sorcerer-King but will say it is ultimately up to you. After this, you will head to Shulkunaak's lair.

Once you arrive, you will be in a cave, and after a few steps will be attacked by a spriggan earth mother, once she is dealt with you will enter a large area with a giant dragon skeleton in the middle of the room. This room has plenty of wisps, five to be exact and a wispmother that guards a silver chest. When you have collected this chest, there are two ways to go, the left path goes to a room with a spriggan earth mother and the secret area, this secret area's lever is a torch on the right stone wall. The secret area itself contains a silver chest, breakable and some mushrooms.

The right path leads to another dragon skeleton surrounded by five wisps, once they are dealt with, continue on and you will enter Shulkunaak's lair but will find it empty, a cutscene will then play:

Saashi: "You're too late. Shulkunaak's gone. This one could not let him just get slaughtered like that."
Azzin: "... and *this* is why you should never trust a Khajiit. They'll turn around and betray you without blinking an eye."
Saashi: "Saashi did not betray anyone. The dragon once spared this one's life, she owed him as much."
Azzin: "Rest assured, I will not make the same mistake. Prepare to die."
Saashi: "Warrior, help!"

Azzin will then speak to you and you will have to fight him:

"You would side with a Khajiit, against your brother? You are a disgrace to our order. Traitorous wretch! I hope your guilt torments you until your last breath!"

When he hits about half of his health he will stop fighting and tell you to end it:

"Well, what are you waiting for? You've won, it's over. Finish the job."
There's too few of us already.
"Oh, *now* you get sentimental about this? You really need... to get your priorities straight."

You will then spare him and have to go and speak to Saashi to check if she is okay:

"Poor man... He cannot be blamed for hunting dragons, really. But if one cannot make exceptions, always being rigid, then what is to be done? Thank you for your help. This one feared for her life and, once again, you saved it."