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Blades: NPCs
Home Town Town
Race Redguard
Gender Male
Faction(s) Blades

Azzin is a Redguard dragon hunter and a secret Blades agent. You first encounter him in Dragonwood Arena, where after defeating him, he moves into Town.

Related QuestsEdit


"Did you want to ask me something?"
What did you do after the war?
"Typical fare for a retired soldier. Repenting, soul-searching, goal-seeking, I set out for Hammerfell, but then I found my quarry."
What was it doing?
"It was... well, it was waiting in its lair."
How did you find it?
"I travelled on my own from the city toward Hammerfell, using no roads. One night, I had a vivid dream that I was in Akavir, fighting a Dragon. The dragon killed me, then flew to the camp where the real me was asleep, and lay down. When I awoke, I felt an irresistible pull to the North. It was quite out of my way, but I could not stop myself. And before I knew it, I was descending into a well-hidden lair."

Either leads to:

Was it bothering anyone?
"What do you mean? It's a ruthless, power-hungry killer by its very nature. It's a threat so long as it's any more than a pile of bones."
Fair enough.
"Glad we can agree on this."
You should have left it.
"It is unfortunate that it has caused so much destruction. Yes, perhaps it was foolish to attack. But now it's out for blood, and we have no choice but to hunt it. I will not apologize for doing what I felt was right, but I will finish what I started."
Must have been thrilling.
"I believe it was the most thrilling moment of my life. In a war, you are never alone, but here, I was alone facing down the world's most dangerous foe. A feeling I will not soon forget."

You can also ask him other questions:

How did you find this place?
"I followed my prey all the way here on foot. It has been a long, hard road. This is a good kingdom. I am glad I found it."
What keeps you busy?
"Hunting, exploring the woods. Your kingdom is beautiful. And dangerous."
Where are you from?
"I was brought into this world to taste the hot sun and bitter sands of the Alik'r... or so I wish. No, my parents moved to the Imperial City to escape the desert heat. I grew up with little exposure to my ancient culture, so I sought it out myself. On my own, I read the great writings of my people, of sword arts and legendary battles. I trained a while in Taneth before returning to Cyrodiil and joining our order."
Not really.
"Farewell, brother."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Dragon SlayerEdit

When you first meet him in the arena:

"Ah, you must be the town champion. Thank you for accepting my challenge. I have been searching far and wide for one who will match my skills. Let's hope you're the one... Onsi, guide my blade!"

Once defeated:

"Enough. You've shown that your skills rival mine, and may even surpass them. I must say, some of your techniques seem familiar to me... *very* familiar, in fact. It feels like I learned those same techniques a long time ago, training for an elite Imperial unit that no longer exists. You wouldn't know anything about this, would you?"
We all have our secrets.
"Yes, I suppose we do. Let's return to town. There's something I want to talk to you about. A proposition of sorts."
I thought I was the last one.
"The Thalmor could not kill every one of us. Each of us is worth ten of them, after all!"
Are there others?
"Nothing more than rumors. Those of us who have survived have grown very wary. Not that it matters, really. The order is gone, and I've chosen to move on. Let's return to town. There's something I want to discuss with you."

Once in town:

"I am glad my search for a warrior of my caliber may have come to an end... Of course, that depends on whether or not you'll accept my proposal. Interested?"
What is it?
"Once the war was over and the White-Gold Concordat signed, I - like you - was left without a purpose. I decided to go back to the very roots of our order, when they first came to Tamriel. They were fierce dragon hunters, and drove them nearly to extinction. I chose this path to honor them, since I could no longer protect the Emperor directly. I would become a dragonslayer! Now, I know what you're going to say... Dragons are long gone, I'm running after ghosts, etc. But that's not true. There are still dragons around, they're just well-hidden. Finding them isn't easy, but I've become quite good at it. In fact, I have been tracking one of them for weeks, and now it seems to have settled in your quiet and peaceful land."
It's not *that* peaceful.
I know, I saw it.
"You did? That's good! Where was it?"
A small village not far from here.
"I was right, then. That is great news! Will you help me hunt and kill this beast? It stands little chance against two warriors like us."
I'll help you.
"Excellent! I'll do some reconnaissance and let you know when we can strike."
I have other things to do.

The Hunt, part 1Edit

"I have exciting news, I have narrowed down my quarry's lair to two locations. I say we each search one of the locations. Scout only! Our strength is in numbers. When you are satisfied, return here, if either of us find the monster, we go together. Will you aid me?"
Yes, I'll do it.
"Wonderful! I will show you where to go when you are ready."
"Why? Do you not want to fulfill your ancient duty? Yes, I believe you will change your mind."

If spoken to again if you refused to help:

"Back to accept my offer, I assume? The prey will not sit forever."
Yes. Let's go.

If spoken to again if you offered to help:

"Have you finished preparing? I am itching to go, but I will wait until you are ready."

Once you return:

"What did you find?"
The dragon flew away when I arrived.
"Damn! So it really *was* in that cave. Well, it won't go back there. If we find it again, we better make sure it can't escape, or it may flee to another kingdom entirely."
An old mine full of spiders and bears.
"I see. They must have given you quite a challenge... I had no luck, either. No matter! My search continues. I will find it."

The Hunt, part 2Edit

"My friend, I've found it! The lair is cleverly hidden, and not close. Let's go! My blade wants to dance."
All right.
"Yes! Ready yourself. We must leave as soon as possible."
Not right now.
"Augh! Why? Fine. I'll wait for you to be ready, but the creature will not. I know you want this as much as I do. Don't let this chance escape us."

If spoken to again if you refused to help:

"Good, you've had a change of heart. Shall we go hunting?"
Yes, let's go.
"Yes! Ready yourself. We must leave as soon as possible."
Still no.
"My patience is waning, <PlayerName>. Think carefully about this. It may be your last chance."

If spoken to again after you accept the quest:

"You look ready. Let's go!"

Once you meet up with him during the quest:

"What held you so long? No matter. I had a good chance, so I went for it. The thing is injured, as am I. Go finish it off!"

If spoken to again:

"What are you waiting for? My blessing? May Onsi strengthen your resolve and guide your blade to the monster's heart. Now, go!"

If spoken to for a third time:

"I must rest. No more talk."

Once you return to town:

"What an amazing thrill! We've done it! Congratulations, Warrior."
What will you do now?
"I will rest for a while. Then I will continue to search the area. I am starting to think that my quarry was not alone, that there may be another one around here. Looking for it will give me something to do, at least."
How do you feel?
"Hmm. Dissatisfied, somehow. As though there is another one around here. I will stay a while longer until I have searched the area thoroughly."
You did most of the work.
"Yes, but without you I might be dead. So, thank you. I am starting to think that my quarry was not alone, that there may be another one around here. Looking for it will give me something to do, at least."


"My suspicious were right. There is another dragon in the area!"
"Yes, and it's practically next door. Will you help me? I get the feeling this one is a little stronger."
Yes, I'll help.
"Fantastic. Let's set out when you're ready. It will be no match for the two of us."
You'll be fine on your own.
"You won't help? That's a pity. I will need longer to prepare. No matter; it won't go anywhere. This one has been waiting there a long time."

If spoken to again if you refused the quest:

"I could really use your help fighting this other dragon. I believe it might be even more powerful than the last... Will you reconsider?"

If spoken to again if you accepted the quest:

"From what I can tell, this dragon doesn't leave its lair. It should be easy to corner it. All we have to do then is to take it down."

Once in Shulkunaak's lair, you will find it empty and a cutscene will play:

Saashi: "You're too late. Shulkunaak's gone. This one could not let him just get slaughtered like that."
Azzin: "... and *this* is why you should never trust a Khajiit. They'll turn around and betray you without blinking an eye."
Saashi: "Saashi did not betray anyone. The dragon once spared this one's life, she owed him as much."
Azzin: "Rest assured, I will not make the same mistake. Prepare to die."
Saashi: "Warrior, help!"

Azzin will then speak to you:

"You would side with a Khajiit, against your brother? You are a disgrace to our order. Traitorous wretch! I hope your guilt torments you until your last breath!"

After a fight with him he will say:

"Well, what are you waiting for? You've won, it's over. Finish the job."
There's too few of us already.
"Oh, *now* you get sentimental about this? You really need... to get your priorities straight."

If spoken to again:

"I have nothing more to say to you. Just leave me alone, or kill me, I don't care."
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