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If you will not listen to the Governor then perhaps you will listen to me.
Abandon this expedition of yours to that Ayleid ruin. You have already carried on long enough and the people of this city are running thin on patience.
I will repeat what I told you months ago on the very first day when you started on this little mad quest of yours. There was not, has not been, and never will be any evidence of cheese production among the civilisations of those Oblivion cursed Heartland Elves! It was simply too barbaric for them. Let alone animal husbandry. They didn't even use fire for Shezarr's sake! Any self-respecting archaeologist like yourself should know this! Besides, we have amassed plenty of lore on the Ayleids here in our Guild library that you are more then welcome to use in the hopes of throwing off this delusion of yours once your are enlightened with simple historical facts. I honestly expected a more refined approach from you.

I say this to you as a friend, as someone you can trust and as someone who cares for your safety. I just simply find it concerning that anyone you have talked to this past month has disappeared without a trace within a week. In fact, whole families who have enquired into their relatives disappearances seem to wind up as another group of names on the usually, in less than cursed times, sparse list of missing persons that the Guild is tasked with divinating their whereabouts. Most concerning is that no sings of life can be found within the standard range of detection. At any rate, if you do not take it upon yourself to heed my words of advice, I pray that you know what you are doing and that this is simply an elaborate ploy of yours in all your years of culinary archaeology.

But I swear by the good mercy and justice of Stendarr that if you are truly up to anything illegal I will have you abavarlor.

Tacitus Callinicus,
Assistant Archivist of the Abavarlor Mages Guild,
Third of Abavarlor, Year 182 of the Abavarlor Era.

Scribed verbatim by Cicero Tarquinius.

OB-npc-Varel Morvayn.jpg Today is Loredas, 20th of Rain's Hand.

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ON-npc-Nesh-Deeka.jpg Xuakeeus is an Argonian
ON-place-Alten Meerhleel.jpg Xuakeeus grew up in Lilmoth.
ON-place-Gandranen Ruins.jpg Xuakeeus is particularly fond of studying Barsaebic Ayleid Ruins.

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