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Welcome to my user page, my name is Vincent otherwise known as Vincentius1. I'm both a fan of Elder Scrolls and a contributor to the UESP. Every now and then I'll make a large edit or new lore page and vanish in the wind like I was never here. You may have noticed my work out there in the ether, like Ebonheart, Gonfalon Bay, Winterhold and Colovia. I may not partake in the community discourse as much as others, or even at all, but I do pay attention when I can. Writing on here has been a fun experience and I hope you enjoy not just my stuff but others as well. Feel free to make any changes or corrections to my edits, my writing isn't objectively the best. Let me know if I got something wrong too and can fix it. Have a good day!

P.S.: If you're trying to get a game on Street Fighter V, I got you my guy. My Alex is gucci! Peep the goodness, playboy. B)


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Fictional LorebooksEdit

  • River Trade of the Nibenay (Count Kastav Tharn of Cheydinhal) — A book describing the river trading system of the Nibenay, used by the Imperials.
  • Wild Elves of Tamriel (Sage Tjurhane Fyrre of Nibenay) — A book detailing the history of the Tribal Wild Elves (Written in 2E 184).


  • Duel of Iron Might (High Kinlord Landomas Mothralion of Cloudrest) — A historical recount of the Duel of Iron Might & Early-Summerset.