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Map of Morrowind

The Conquest of Morrowind was a large-scale conflict in the early First Era between the Nordic Empire from Skyrim and the divided Chimer tribes of Resdayn.[1] Even though the Dwemer were left to their own devices on Vvardenfell, many of their mainland strongholds and domains were caught in the conflict.[2]


The Nordic ConquerorsEdit

When Vrage ascended to the role of High King of Skyrim, he began to expand the Nordic Empire beyond the province's borders, into Resdayn. In these ancient times, the Chimer were divided throughout the land as petty clans and houses. Half of them were more often than not, engaging in warfare against each other. According to Ancient Nordic sagas and chronicles from these times, elven warriors would swear allegiance to any Nordic chieftain that waged war with their enemy tribe. The Imperial Geographic Society attributes these stories as a large reason for Skyrim's occupation of Resdayn.[2]

At his disposal was many Nordic chieftains that were proficient with the Thu'um, known as the tongues. Among these chieftains was Derek the Tall, Hoag Merkiller, and Jorg Helmbolg.[1] When the tongues would invade a city, instead of using siege weapons, they assemble in a wedge in front of the city gates and blast it open. One of the cities that fell to the Nords was Ebonheart, ruled by Clan Ra'athim.[3] But as Tribunal mythology describes it, there were five great demon chieftains from the frigid west. The first was HOAGA, the Mouth of Mud, who is described as a great bearded king, with the powers of marshalling and breathing the earth. The second was CHEMUA, the Running Hunger, who is described as a mounted soldier with full helm. He had the powers of Heart Roaring and sky sickening, but was later slain by Hortator Nerevar and Vivec. [4]

The third was BHAG, the Two-Tongued, who appeared as a great bearded king, and commanded the powers of Surety and Form Change. He was defeated by Vivec in a great debate because he was the only one that could understand his two-layered speech. The fourth was BARFOK, Maid of Planes, who appeared as a winged human with lick-encrusted spear and had the powers of Event Denouement. Vivec defeated her with his "milk finger" to keep her from singing Resdayn to ruin. The final one was Ysmir, the Dragon of the North, who appeared as a great bearded king, with the powers innumerable and echoing. He was grim and silent compared to the other chieftains, but his Thu'um would uplift villages and throw them into the sea. His voice was silenced by the combined forces of Vivec and the Hortator.[4]

While the Chimer faced the Nords throughout the region, the Dwemer of Vvardenfell were left largely untouched, and were much more secured in their underground compounds. They were independent from the mainland region, and were a far more formidable opponent for the Nords than the Chimer.[2] But even so, there were several Dwemer strongholds that were attacked by the Nords. In total, there were four Dwemeri strongholds destroyed by the five great demon chieftains.[4]

The Resdaynian CounterattackEdit

After many years of oppression under the Nords, the Chimeri warrior, Indoril Nerevar

Since their expulsion from Ebonheart, King Kronin and his three sons, Cruethys, Moraelyn, and Ephen became raiders and guerrilla fighters throughout Nordic-Resdayn. When the {{Lore

Stories from the ConflictEdit

  • The Chimeri-hero, Dres Khizumet-e was defeated and devoured by Chemua, one of the great demon chieftains of the west. He sent his spirit to assassinate Indoril Nerevar as an assassin.[4]
  • As a plan to deal with the Nordic shamans and their storm magic, a Chimeri sorcerer summoned an ice demon and hid him behind the rock. When the shamans summoned a storm with their thu'um, the rocks shattered and revealed the ice demon to the Chimer Army. They ran in fear of the ice demon, charging [5]


Ever since there victory, the ministrels and alehouses of Skyrim continued to sing about it, since at least the late-Second Era.[1]