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Joined 16 April 2007

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Greeting Works in Progress

Welcome, welcome! Grab a beer and join the club.

I'm a 37 year old male. I'm a resident of a fine town called Amsterdam. Here I have my job as computer programmer and general cocky IT-man ("you user?")
Playing Skyrim
Guess what, there's a new Elder Scrolls game. I'm currently playing the game at a steady pace. As I'm becoming more familiar with the mechanics of the game, I will probably become more adept at editing again.

Greasing the wheel

I try to spend as much time as possible checking all the content currently being added to the site.


I'm always in the work with images. Skyrim creates plenty of opportunities to create some new fresh images. I still prefer (some) quality over sheer quantity, so I'm taking my time. Check out this page if you want to make good quality images yourself.

Looking for a drinking Falmer

What activity is still possible while forced to live in a cave? All these Falmer I've met don't have the right idea, but I'm searching Skyrim for an exception...
Completed Projects Today's Picture
The Shivering Isles Creatures now all have their own article with statistics. I also created articles for various unique creatures for both Oblivion and the Shivering Isles.


I've added and updated loads of keys on the Oblivion and Shivering Isles Key pages, and updated the majority of pages mentioning a key to link to that key.


I have contributed my share of images to the site. Rpeh is my nemesis in this area, but over time we have learned to coordinate our efforts. :)

Shivering Isles Map

Helped in creating the numerous images needed for the Shivering Isles map.


I redesigned the articles about traps in Oblivion and traps in the Shivering Isles.
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My adventure in The Elder Scrolls series began with Morrowind. When I first started playing the game I became annoyed because I couldn't seem to find Caius Cosades' house. I roamed about the countryside of Balmora looking for that "house up the hill". I tossed the game on a shelf and wouldn't set eye on it for months.

Months later, when I was again looking for a new game to play I gave Morrowind, on recommendations from some people, another try. This time I found Caius Cosades and I was hooked on. I still remember crawling, near death, through Molag Amur, on the constant lookout for Cliffracers.

When I was into a few months of playing Oblivion I noticed this wiki. I was impressed by the amount of detail it provided, as well as in its professionalism in walkthroughs/overviews.
Shortly after the release of the Shivering Isles I started this account. Somewhere I lost track of the edits I was making, and some time later I found myself to be one of the antiques of UESP.

In the waning years of Oblivion I started to become more rustier, and thus less active. As it seems, Bethesda was aware of this, and decided to release a new game (Named "Skyrim", for the oblivious). Now it seems I'm at it again...!