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Hi, I'm FioFioFio. On Discord, I'm FioFioFio. On ESO, I'm FioFioFio. On Legends, I'm FioFioFio. Notice a trend yet? :P

I tend to jump around between different projects on an almost hourly basis. Everything below the line is for my reference, but, hey, if you want to know what I'm working on, here it is.



  • Vvardenfell Quest Walkthroughs
  • Place pages People Tables
  • TOC2D for various collectibles pages
  • NPC Classes & Attacks
  • Patch Notes (formatting & links)
  • Factions:
  • Making sure all faction members are in the correct category
  • Making sure all faction members are listed on the faction pages
  • Fixing icons and locations for Quest Items and subpages
  • Delve Maps
  • Specific Pages
  • Move location-specific info and images from Loading Screens to the location pages.


  1. Verifying Forgotten Hero rewards
  2. Uploading HoS audio
    1. Uploading emote audio
  3. Deckbuilder tutorial
  4. /Userboxes
    1. Attributes
    2. Classes
    3. Different greetings
  5. Decklist table
    1. /Sandbox-Decklist