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This project page has been set up to help organize the conversion of the special creatures in Oblivion to use the Creature Summary template, rather than being simple redirects.


Phase 1Edit

  • Create a list of which creatures qualify for their own non-redirect pages. Generic creatures will not get them, only unique or semi-unique creatures. (Semi-unique being defined as creature-types for which there is a small, finite number.)
  • Decide what to do about leveled creatures. These may get their own page, or a special template may need to be designed to handle them.
  • Group creatures into categories. This is mostly already done by the existing creature pages, but there may be some questionable ones to deal with.

Phase 2Edit

  • Create creature pages for those on the list. Just a Creature Summary template is enough if you don't feel like writing up text about them. Eventually, however, they should all have a brief description, along with a "Related Quests" section if applicable. If you just put up a Summary table with no description, make sure to put a {{stub}} tag on the page so that other editors will know that the page needs more work. Once a page is completed, cross it off the list using <s></s> tags.
  • Category links will automatically be generated by the Creature Summary template. Most of these categories do not exist yet, so they'll need to be created.
  • On the general creature pages, add links to these creature pages.
  • Add links to the creature pages from any other pages (quest pages, NPC pages, place pages, etc.) that mention them. Change any links that point to a section of a creature page to point to the new pages instead.

Phase 3Edit

  • On all generic creature pages that are being kept as redirects, add the appropriate species and type categories as well as the Soul template to put the generic creatures into the Oblivion-Creatures-by-Soul categories.

Creature ListEdit

Leveled CreaturesEdit

This is a list of leveled creatures, which will need some sort of special treatment:

West Weald BearsEdit

  • West Weald Black Bear
  • West Weald Black Bear Cub
  • West Weald Black Bear Den Hunter
  • West Weald Brown Bear
  • West Weald Brown Bear Cub
  • West Weald Brown Bear Den Hunter

Frostfire AtronachEdit

  • Frostfire Atronach Gladeling
  • Frostfire Atronach Gladeguard
  • Frostfire Atronach Gladewarden
  • Frostfire Atronach Gladelord

Llathasa's SpiritEdit

  • All have the same name, but some are Ghosts, some are Wraiths, and some are Gloom Wraiths

Sanctified DeadEdit

  • Sanctified Dead (Ghost)
  • Ancient Sanctified Dead (Ghost)
  • Sanctified Ancient Spectre (Wraith)
  • Sanctified Ancient Spectre (Gloom Wraiths)

Pale Pass OgreEdit

  • Pale Pass Ogre Groundling
  • Pale Pass Ogre Stonewrecker
  • Pale Pass Ogre Rocksmasher
  • Pale Pass Ogre Caveboss

Redguard Valley OgreEdit

  • Redguard Valley Ogre Groundling
  • Redguard Valley Ogre Stonewrecker
  • Redguard Valley Ogre Rocksmasher
  • Redguard Valley Ogre Caveboss
  • Redguard Valley Ogre Chieftain

Rumare SlaughterfishEdit

  • Rumare Slaughterfish Spawn
  • Young Rumare Slaughterfish
  • Rumare Slaughterfish
  • Adult Rumare Slaughterfish
  • Rumare Slaughterfish Brood Mother