Oblivion: Creatures: Animals
Blossom (RefID: 000981D0)
Home City Hackdirt
Species Horse Soul Lesser
Level 1 Type Animals
RefID 000981D0 BaseID 0007B78E
  • 10 pts melee
Other Information
Health 200 Magicka 0
Respons. 50 Aggress. 0
Faction(s) Prey creatures
Blossom in North Country Stables

Blossom is a horse owned by Dar-Ma. She appears in Hackdirt after starting A Shadow Over Hackdirt. During the player's search in Hackdirt, he/she will likely encounter Blossom, and thus a clue on the whereabouts of Dar-Ma. If Dar-Ma is freed, she will ride Blossom home. When they arrive at Chorrol, Dar-Ma will dismount and Blossom will remain standing in front of the Chorrol gate for the rest of the game. Alternatively, if you use fast travel to return to Chorrol, Blossom will be found in the corral of North Country Stables.

If Dar-Ma is killed during A Shadow Over Hackdirt, Blossom will continue to stay behind Moslin's Dry Goods in Hackdirt. Trying to ride Blossom afterwards will still be considered stealing.

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