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Consistent formatting for alliance-based differences on cross-alliance places and quests. Useful in infobox "location" parameters and quest "giver" parameters, among others. Loads the maplink parameter from the page on which it is located, if defined.


ESO Alliances
Parameter Scope Description
Dominion optional Aldmeri Dominion entry
Covenant optional Daggerfall Covenant entry
Pact optional Ebonheart Pact entry
Cyrodiil optional Cyrodiil entry
Morrowind optional Morrowind entry
Summerset optional Summerset entry
Elsweyr optional Elsweyr entry
Greymoor optional Greymoor entry
Blackwood optional Blackwood entry
HighIsle optional High Isle entry
All optional Entry for all alliances
All_icon optional az for Adventure Zone, cr for Craglorn, ch for Coldharbour
ADzone optional Zone name for map link
DCzone optional Zone name for map link
EPzone optional Zone name for map link
ADmapname optional Map name or ID for map link
DCmapname optional Map name or ID for map link
EPmapname optional Map name or ID for map link
CYmapname optional Map name or ID for map link
inline optional Remove <br> line breaks
valign optional How to align entries relative to surrounding text. (Default: top)


{{ESO Alliances
|Dominion=[[Online:Vulkhel Guard|Vulkhel Guard]] (Auridon)
|Covenant=[[Online:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]] (Glenumbra)
|Pact=[[Online:Davon's Watch|Davon's Watch]] (Stonefalls)
|Morrowind=[[Online:Vivec City|]] (Vvardenfell)
|Summerset=[[Online:Alinor|]] (Summerset)
|Elsweyr=[[Online:Rimmen|]] (Northern Elsweyr)
|Greymoor=[[Online:Solitude|]] (Western Skyrim)
|Blackwood=[[Online:Leyawiin|]] (Blackwood)
|HighIsle=[[Online:Gonfalon Bay|Gonfalon Bay]] (High Isle)
|All=[[Online:Cheesemonger's Hollow (Long Lost Lore)|Cheesemonger's Hollow]]
  Vulkhel Guard (Auridon)
  Daggerfall (Glenumbra)
  Davon's Watch (Stonefalls)
  Vivec City (Vvardenfell)
  Alinor (Summerset)
  Rimmen (Northern Elsweyr)
  Solitude (Western Skyrim)
  Leyawiin (Blackwood)
  Gonfalon Bay (High Isle)
Cheesemonger's Hollow
Can be found in {{ESO Alliances|Dominion=Auridon, |Covenant=Glenumbra, |Pact=Stonefalls|inline=1}} and elsewhere.

Can be found in   Auridon,   Glenumbra,   Stonefalls and elsewhere.