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Skyrim:Velyne's Letter

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Book Information
Velyne's Letter
Added by Sunder & Wraithguard
ID FExxx817
Value 0 Weight 0
Needed for Legends Lost
Found in the following locations:
Velyne's Letter
by Velyne
A note from Velyne to Inedos


The reports are right. Wraithguard and Sunder are singing, sending a signal out to anyone that might be listening. I don't know how, but I think I know why. The Tools were only meant to be used on Numidium, it makes sense that they would never be allowed to leave Morrowind.

To ensure this, Kagrenac must have put in a failsafe system. If the Tools were ever stolen, drones would be activated across Tamriel to recover them. The drones would then store the items in a vault until a Tonal Architect could fetch them.

Unfortunately, as I suspected, that information was enough for some of the captains to betray us and change course. They no longer care about the artifacts or the job. They consider the cargo to be a death trap, and are taking measures to unload it.

Your caravan might think they were carrying the Tools, but Sadras and Hlaalu swapped them before we ever got to Whiterun, and intentionally gave them up to the retrieval drones. Fortunately, I managed to track the drones back to a vault near Winterhold; what the locals call the Sightless Pit. I've also discovered the vault can be opened with an attunement crystal, which I've sent along with this letter. As I am no warrior, I dare not venture inside without you.

Hopefully this message reaches your party in time, for I know we are of like mind. As a scholar, I want to see the artifacts delivered to my master, and you have always been someone who does not shirk his duty. I have faith that you and your crew can return north and repair this mistake.