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Skyrim:The Battle for Fort Snowhawk (Stormcloaks)

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Take this fort for the Stormcloaks.
Quest Giver: Galmar Stone-Fist
Location(s): Hjaalmarch Stormcloak Camp, Fort Snowhawk
Prerequisite Quest: A False Front
Next Quest: The Battle for Fort Hraggstad
Concurrent Quest: Liberation of Skyrim
Reward: None
ID: CWFortSiegeFort
Suggested Level: 6
Stormcloak and Imperial Archers battling on top of Fort Snowhawk

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Get your orders from Galmar Stone-Fist.
  2. Meet the men preparing for the attack.
  3. Defeat the Imperials.
  4. Return to Ulfric.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Galmar Stone-Fist will tell you to meet the Stormcloak soldiers southwest of Fort Snowhawk and to help them attack the fort. When you arrive, the soldiers will begin to storm the fort and your journal will tell you to kill all the Imperials and keep track of the percentage left. There will be some wooden barricades blocking the entrance to the fort—three hits from a weapon or Destruction spell will destroy them. Fight alongside your Stormcloak brothers and finish off the Imperial soldiers. After the Imperials have been defeated, the quest will end and you will have to head back to Ulfric Stormcloak for the next part of Liberation of Skyrim.


  • Bodies will usually disappear after they have been killed; this is to stop lagging.
  • Not all the enemies are present at the start of the mission; they will spawn when enough are killed.
  • The Imperial soldiers will occasionally drop one of the Divines' amulets (excluding Talos).
  • More enemies will spawn than are needed to kill.
  • Completing this quest will send Idgrod Ravencrone to the Blue Palace, and install Sorli the Builder as Jarl of Hjaalmarch.
  • Completing this quest will also complete the quest Season Unending and advance the quest The Fallen to the objective "Learn Shout to call Odahviing".

Quest StagesEdit

The Battle for Fort Snowhawk (CWFortSiegeFort)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Galmar Stone-Fist has sent me to assist in taking Fort Snowhawk from the enemy.
Objective 10: Join the men attacking Fort Snowhawk
Objective 100: Take over Fort Snowhawk by defeating the enemy (<Global=CWPercentPoolRemainingDefender>% Remaining)
9000 Finishes quest  We have succeeded in taking Fort Snowhawk from the enemy.
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