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(RefID: 0004B4AA)
Location East-northeast of Treva's Watch
Race Nord Gender Male
Level Radiant (1-25) Class Bandit Wizard
RefID 0004B4AA BaseID 0004B4AF
Other Information
Health 35-441
Magicka 100-294
Stamina 50-150
Primary Skills Destruction, Alteration, Restoration, Sneak
Perks Augmented Flames (2); Augmented Frost (2); Augmented Shock (2); Mage Armor (1); Magic Resistance (1); Recovery (1); Regeneration; Respite
Class Details EncClassBanditWizard
Morality Any Crime Aggression Very Aggressive
Protected Yes
Voice Type MaleNord
Faction(s) Player Ally Faction; dunTrevasWatchFaction

Stalleo is a Nord bandit wizard who is a member of the family which initially owned and lived in Treva's Watch in The Rift, which is now overrun and crawling with bandits. This happened when Stalleo and his two bodyguards were away to help out in the war, rendering them unable to defend their home from the invading bandits. They can now be found at Stalleo's makeshift campsite, just a short distance east from Treva's Watch. He is currently waiting for reinforcements to arrive to clear out his family's castle, so that he can reclaim it and reunite with his family inside.

Stalleo wears a set of fur armor with a pair of leveled light boots. He may wear any one of the four variants of fur armor available in the game (IDs: 6F393, 10594B, 10594D, 10594F). His boots may be up to scaled quality at level 19.

Being a wizard, Stalleo uses various spells (see below) from the Alteration, Destruction, and Restoration schools when in combat. He is also equipped with a leveled dagger which he may use in close combat should the need arise. His dagger can be up to elven quality at level 20.

At lower levels, Stalleo has a 25% chance of carrying 1-9 gold; at level 19 and above, he carries an additional and considerable amount of gold ranging from 25-125 gold, and a 25% chance of a lockpick. Apart from this, Stalleo also carries random leveled loot for bandit wizards. This includes a leveled staff, extra lockpicks, common inn food, and albeit a very small chance, alchemical ingredients, a soul gem, a spell tome and/or jewelry.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit


When encountering Stalleo for the first time, you may witness a short conversation between him and his two bodyguards:

Stalleo: "Those bastards. I return from the war to find my home overrun with bandit filth."
Bodyguard #1: "Help will arrive soon."
Bodyguard #2: "Agreed, we can't afford to try again."

If you approach him, he can say:

"Are you here to help?"
"I will take back my family's castle."

When you initiate conversation with him:

What's going on here?
"Finally, reinforcements have arrived. I was expecting more though, you'd better be good."
It's already clear. (If you have already cleared Treva's Watch)
"You've already taken care of it? Thank you friend."
I'm the best.
"Good, the place is crawling with bandits. We lost some good men trying to take it earlier. I suspect Brurid planned this, there's been bad blood between us since the king's death. But to invade my home, kidnap my family..."
Why should I help you?
"We left to help with the war and these filth bags swooped in and seized the place. My family is in there. I suspect Brurid planned this, there's been bad blood between us since the king's death. But to invade my home, kidnap my family..."
Sounds like more then just "bad blood."
"You ask a lot of questions for a mercenary. Just get in there and open the gate, we'll try and provide help once that's done."
Do you have a plan?
"The front gate is locked so you'll need to use the mine entrance behind us. Open the front gate and we'll try and give you some support."
I'll do it.
"I wish we could offer more help, but our last attack went sour and we're all that is left. Good luck."
I don't have time for this.
"Fine then. The blood of my family is on your hands as well as Brurid's."
What can I expect in return for my help?
"My family is everything to me. Clear the fort and on top of the posted reward you can have whatever items you'd like."

After agreeing and starting the related quest, you may ask Stalleo about the person 'Brurid' he mentioned earlier:

"He's a rogue mage who defected at the beginning of the war. I turned him in but apparently he escaped and now this."

During the quest, you will be navigating through the interior of Treva's Watch, and eventually end up in the courtyard, where you have to pull a lever that raises the castle's main gate. Following this, Stalleo and his bodyguards will rush in and jump into the fray, helping you to kill the remaining five bandits patrolling the courtyard. When all bandits are dead, Stalleo will wait for you in the courtyard:

The fort is yours.
"Thank you for your help. Did you see my family inside?"
No, I didn't see them in there.
"Hopefully they made it to safety before the attack. I'll begin the search after a quick restock. Anyway, here is your reward. Thanks again."

He will then reward you with a Spell Tome: Detect Life.


Stalleo knows the following spells. He learns the Apprentice-level* spells listed below at level 9, and the Adept-level spells at level 19:

Ironflesh, Oakflesh, Stoneflesh*
Chain Lightning, Fireball, Firebolt*, Flames, Frostbite, Ice Spike*, Ice Storm, Lightning Bolt*, Sparks
Close Wounds, Fast Healing*, Healing, Lesser Ward, Steadfast Ward*


  • The physical appearances of Stalleo and his bodyguards are randomly generated; they may look different in each playthrough.
  • Stalleo does not seem to go to sleep at night despite having bed rolls in the tents. Instead, he and his bodyguards will sit around the campfire throughout the game.
  • After the related quest has concluded, Stalleo and his bodyguards will return to their campsite and remain there for the duration of the game, leaving Treva's Watch to eventually respawn with a new group of bandits.