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Skyrim:Seasoned Hunter

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Seasoned Hunter
(RefID: 000A0317)
Home City Falkreath
Location Just outside Falkreath
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 1 Class Warrior
RefID 000A0317 BaseID 00087B99
Other Information
Health 50 Magicka 50
Stamina 50
Primary Skills Two-handed
Class Details CombatWarrior2H
Morality No Crime Aggression Aggressive
Voice Type MaleEvenTonedAccented
Faction(s) DB RecurringTarget 5 CrimeFaction
Seasoned Hunter

The Seasoned Hunter is a Nord warrior who is spawned by the side of the road just outside of Falkreath if the Night Mother chooses a contract who asks the player to kill this NPC in the quest The Dark Brotherhood Forever. The seasoned hunter is one of ten potential targets chosen by the radiant quest system.

He wears a full set of hide armor, including the boots, bracers, and helmet. He wields an ancient Nord bow with twenty iron arrows. Not knowing about the player's intentions, the hunter pays little attention and says, "Look, I'm busy. Please go bother somebody else."

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  • This NPC can be killed more easily than the other potential targets chosen by the radiant quest system. The location where this NPC is spawned is just out of the line of sight of the Falkreath guards and, thus, the kill can be accomplished without incurring a bounty.