Skyrim:Ruin's Edge (item)

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Daedric Artifact: Ruin's Edge (FExxxD63)
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Type Bow
Editor ID ccBGSSSE004_RuinsEdgeBow
Damage Damage 12
Damage Damage 12 {{{health}}}
Speed 0.875
Speed 0.875 Reach 1.0
Weight Weight 7 Value Value 750
Tempering Daedra Heart
Tempering Daedra Heart Perk Daedric Smithing
Randomly applies one of these effects to the target: Frost, Demoralize, Frenzy, Drain Magicka, Paralyze.
Charge/Cost = Uses 400/5=80
Ruin's Edge

Ruin's Edge is a dark bow artifact with an animated eyeball just above the grip. It is acquired through the quest The Edge of Ruin, which has you claim the bow from bandits in Stony Creek Cave. Its enchantment applies a random effect. Tempering Ruin's Edge requires a Daedra Heart and the Arcane Blacksmith perk.

Effect Magnitude Duration Chance
Demoralize 100 20 20%
Drain Magicka 1000 20 10%
Frenzy 100 30 30%
Frost Damage 25 30%
Paralyze 1 9%
Paralyze 15 1%

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  • Ruin's Edge previously appeared as a Dark Seducer bow in Shivering Isles, and is still described as one in the Creation's official description.
  • Data suggests a "Burden" effect that slowed the target to 50% speed for 20 seconds may have been intended as an additional effect of the bow. Another unused, and possibly related, effect is called "Reduce Carry Weight", which had the following description: Reduce carrying capacity increases by <mag> for <dur> seconds.
  • The bow's damage output appears to level with the player character.[verification needed]