Skyrim: Items: Unique Items
Unique Item: Rocksplinter (0006a707)
Type Pickaxe (see Bugs)
Editor ID SSDRocksplinterPickaxe
Damage Damage 1
Damage Damage 1 {{{health}}}
Speed 1.3
Speed 1.3 Reach 0.7
Weight Weight 10 Value Value 5
A Pickaxe

Rocksplinter is a unique, unobtainable pickaxe. Rocksplinter cannot be obtained through normal means, is unenchanted, and cannot be tempered.

Originally, it was intended to be a special pickaxe for the miner Odfel, as evidenced by his comments about possessing it: "Mining iron takes a lot of strength and special reinforced tools. I must have broken five or six pickaxes in the last few months alone. But now that I've got Rocksplinter here, I can cut through stone like a hot knife through butter."


  • Rocksplinter was at one point meant to be obtainable, and references to it in the world still exist.
  • Rocksplinter does one damage by default, versus the five of normal pickaxes.
  • Rocksplinter is not classified as a War Axe, meaning in combat its damage is not affected by One-handed perks or fortify effects.