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Skyrim:Red Scar Cavern

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Red Scar Cavern
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Added by The Cause
# of Zones 2
Clearable No
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time  ?
Level 46
Mythic Dawn Cultists, Guards, Vonos
Console Location Code(s)
The Rift
Ore Veins
# of Iron 5
# of Quicksilver 2
Red Scar Cavern

Red Scar Cavern is a cave located east of Shor's Stone, occupied by the Mythic Dawn cult. The entrance is southeast of Ruunvald Excavation and northwest of Champion's RestCC. Vonos, the leader of the Mythic Dawn, can be encountered within. The cave is added by The Cause Creation.

The cave has two interior zones: Red Scar Cavern and Mythic Dawn Temple.

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The cave entrance is located in the Velothi Mountains of the northeastern Rift, across the valley from Shor's Stone. It is located on the same mountain slope as another Creation Club location, Champion's Rest, which is close by to the southeast. It can be reached easily by the player and their followers by climbing the mountain from the southeast and up onto the snowy plateau, or by jumping up the rocky slope directly to the west. A Mythic Dawn Guard keeps watch at the entrance, but can be deceived into letting you pass if you wear a full set of Mythic Dawn apparel (robes, gloves, and boots) as directed by the optional quest objective, and will respond with generic NPC dialogue if approached or spoken to. She is also present before you receive the letter that starts the questline, and will be hostile on sight. Once defeated, she can be looted for a full set of Mythic Dawn Robes which would otherwise only spawn during the quests.

Red Scar CavernEdit

The large chamber

Just inside the entrance, there is a cluster of Blisterwort on the right side of the tunnel. The tunnel curves to the right at a torch sconce. As soon as you turn the corner, a Mythic Dawn Cultist is visible at the end of the tunnel where it opens into a large chamber. Like the guard at the door, the cultist will not attack if you are wearing your Mythic Dawn gear, and will give generic greetings if spoken to. Another blisterwort cluster is on the left near the end of the tunnel. To the right of the cultist is a cluster of White Cap and an unlocked boss-level chest (at least once you are leaving the cavern). From here, a long path leads along the left wall and crosses to the other side via a natural bridge, over a pool at the bottom of a waterfall. The path turns left again on the other side, leading to a small campsite just below where you came in. A Guard patrols this area. Either sitting beside the fire in a chair or sleeping in the right-hand tent is a Mythic Dawn Cultist. Several Fish Barrels around the fire are sources of ingredients and food.

After the campsite, the path spirals to the right again, leading you to and through the shallow pool you saw from above. On the other side, another narrow tunnel has been dug through the far wall. The tunnel winds its way down to a mining chamber, where two cultists dig at the floor. Two paths split off here; one leads straight ahead, while the the other leads to the right. Two barrels and an iron ore vein are located on the left.

Heading to the right, you will come to a dead-end room with several more Mythic Dawn members milling about. Two Imp Stool clusters are along the right-hand wall, and the rightmost of two wooden platforms holds a chest.

Returning to the mining chamber and traversing ahead, you will come to a deep mineshaft with a spiraling path of wood leading downward. On the third landing, a Quicksilver Ore vein is exposed in the wall. You will pass more Guards and Cultists as you proceed. Near the bottom, a tunnel leads to the right and to the door of the next chamber, the Mythic Dawn Temple. At the shaft floor, red mist steams above a chest and another Quicksilver Ore vein.

The door to the Temple is Adept-locked, and none of the NPCs nearby can be asked for the key. However, one of the Mythic Dawn Guards patrolling the ramp carries the key and can be pickpocketed for it, A Mythic Dawn Guard stands at the entrance to the tunnel, with a clear line of sight, so sneaking if you choose to pick the lock may be prudent.

Mythic Dawn TempleEdit

The Oblivion Gate

As soon as you enter the temple, you will see that the tunnel ahead opens into a large chamber with a round dais of brick in the center. Two wooden platforms on either side hood minor loot. A few steps in, you will be given the quest objective to defeat Vonos. Skorvild's brother, Sune, lies dead on an altar in the middle of the room; having clearly been stabbed with the Daedric dagger found next to him. Beyond is Vonos, supervising two Mythic Dawn Cultists on either side of him. The Cultists will come to Vonos's aid in the fight if they are not dispatched first by sneak attacks. To the right, a skeleton lies among collapsed rocks.

Immediately after Vonos is killed, an Oblivion Gate to the Deadlands, the very one you were trying to close, will open on the far wall. Vonos' Journal, in his inventory, reveals he and his lord Dagon anticipated and counted on your intervention (as the Dragonborn) to unwittingly sacrifice Vonos so that the gate will reopen. A new quest will start, and you must activate the Gate to enter and stop the gathering forces preparing to invade from the other side.

On your successful return, the Vigil of Stendarr will be storming the cavern and wiping out the Mythic Dawn.

The cavern becomes a mine well-guarded by the Vigil. You can enter and leave its Oblivion gate as you wish to continue gathering ingredients and loot. Within the gate, the spiddal stick ingredient does not renew but its poison gas does reset. The harrada ingredient resets but the bloodgrass does not. Several Daedric minions respawn there as well.