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Nordic Ruin:
Champion's Rest
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Added by Umbra
# of Zones 2
Clearable No
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days
Draugr, Skeevers, Umbra
Important Treasure
Console Location Code(s)
ccBGSSSE016Interior01, ccBGSSSE016Interior02
The Rift
East of Shor's Stone
Ore Veins
# of Silver 2(?)
Champion's Rest

Champion's Rest is a medium-sized Nordic ruin located in the Rift, east of Shor's Stone. It was once used as a gladiatorial arena but now serves as a crypt for fallen warriors. Once lost to time, miners from Shor's Stone have recently broken through into the ruins while mining for silver.

It consists of two zones: Champion's Rest and Champion's Rest Amphitheater.

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Champion's RestEdit

The solution to the puzzle in the western chamber
The solution to the puzzle in the eastern chamber

Champion's Rest AmphitheaterEdit

The arena


  • The boss-level draugr at this location can be a dragon priest at higher levels.


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