Skyrim:Red Eagle

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Red Eagle (RefID: 000C14B3)
(lore page)
Species Radiant Soul
Level Radiant (7-50) Type Radiant
RefID 000C14B3 BaseID 000C1908
Other Information
Health 210-1490 Magicka 0-545
Stamina 0-700
Faction(s) Creature Faction; Radiant
Red Eagle as a draugr

Red Eagle is a draugr or dragon priest (see note) found in Rebel's Cairn, a cave located in the Reach. He is only encountered during the Rebel's Cairn quest, which starts upon reading The Legend of Red Eagle. In order to reach him, you must place his sword (Red Eagle's Fury, obtained in the quest) in the altar in the middle of the first room to open the crypt where he is located. In combat, Red Eagle wields a Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword of Burning.

For historical information, see the lore page.

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  • Although Red Eagle usually appears as a draugr, he may appear as a dragon priest at higher levels. This is determined by the radiant system.
  • As a draugr he is able to utilize a form of the force shout in combat, which can be surprisingly deadly for characters with less health if he manages to throw you in a corner or down the stairs in his room. If the fall damage doesn't kill you, his sword attacks probably will finish you off due to the slow stand up animation of ragdolling.
  • Although he is mentioned in books and such as Reachman, he appears as a Nordic form of undead.