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Skyrim:Pelagius's Storm Thrall

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Pelagius's Storm Thrall (RefID: 0009B2A6)
Location The Mind of a Madman
Species Atronach Soul
Level 15 Type Daedra
RefID 0009B2A6 BaseID 0009B2A9
Other Information
Health 5317 Magicka 243
Stamina 100
Primary Skills Destruction, Restoration, Alteration, Sneak
Protected Yes
Faction(s) DA15SafetyFaction; Dog Faction
Pelagius's Storm Thrall

Pelagius's Storm Thrall is a nigh-invincible storm atronach that can be found in The Mind of a Madman during the Mind of Madness quest, specifically during the "Pelagius' Paranoia" section. During this quest, two atronachs will be fighting arena style in a sunken box. Using the Wabbajack on the one assigned to you will cause it to change elements, possibly becoming this thrall.

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