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Claim the belongings of a Haafingar vampire hunter.
Quest Giver: Reading Kragrash's letter
Location(s): Ironback Hideout, Thalmor Embassy
Reward: Ebony Crossbow, Elven Crossbow
ID: ccBGSSSE043_VampireHunterQuest
Added by: Elite Crossbows
A dead vampire hunter wishes to pass the torch to you

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Travel to Ironback Hideout and read Kragrash's Letter.
  2. Locate Kragrash's burnt corpse on a cliff edge south of the Thalmor Embassy and take his key.
  3. Return to Ironback Hideout and enter the cellar for your reward.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Kragrash the Vampire HunterEdit

The quest starts when you read Kragrash's letter at Ironback Hideout, a remote bandit camp high in the mountains of Haafingar. This location can be quite difficult to reach as it only has one approach.

Defeat the bandits camped out at the hideout and locate Kragrash's Letter on the mantel inside the ruined house. Searching the hideout, you may come across a new trapdoor beneath a tent. This trapdoor has been added by the Creation and is locked for now.

Claim Kragrash's crossbows for yourself

The letter reveals that Ironback Hideout used to be occupied by an Orcish vampire hunter named Kragrash. He contracted vampirism and subsequently became suicidal, hiking east into the mountains to watch one final sunrise before he turned. In his letter, he invites you to seek him out and claim his vampire hunting equipment.

You will need to travel to the nearby Thalmor Embassy to find Kragrash's final resting place. To the south of the embassy's entrance, you will come upon a burnt corpse on the edge of a cliff; this is the remains of Kragrash, who apparently covered himself in Dwarven oil and ensured that he would be burnt up in the sunlight. Loot his corpse to find the Ironback Hideout Cellar Key which can be used on the trapdoor back at Ironback Hideout.


With the key, you will have the ability to enter Ironback Hideout Cellar, a remarkably well-preserved base of operations containing a vault filled with vampire hunting equipment. The quest will end once you enter the cellar, but you are free to unlock the vault and loot everything within. A Silver sword and greatsword can be found here. Laid out on a table you will find an Ebony Crossbow, an Elven Crossbow, and several Exploding Dwarven Bolts of Fire and Shock. These two powerful crossbows are the main reward for this quest, and can be enhanced using the nearby anvil.


  • After completing the quest, you are also able to craft Ebony and Elven crossbows.
  • The Enhanced variants for both crossbows can be crafted only and won't appear in merchant inventories similar to the expanded crossbows. The regular Ebony and Elvencrossbows will be available for purchase from Fletcher upon their discovery.
  • This is one of the few locations, added by the Dawnguard DLC, where Silver weaponry can be found without progressing through the Companions questline.

Quest StagesEdit

Night Hunter (ccBGSSSE043_VampireHunterQuest)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I've heard rumors of a vampire hunter that patrols the mountains west of Solitude near Ironback Hideout. I should keep an eye out if I find myself in the area.
Objective 10: Investigate rumors of a lone vampire hunter
20 I found a letter penned by Kragrash, the vampire hunter. While out on a hunt, he was wounded and contracted vampirism. On the day he would become a vampire, he went into the mountains to watch a final sunrise. He left his equipment in his cellar, which remains locked. The letter promised a key to his cellar should be among his remains.
Objective 20: Find the vampire hunter's final resting place
30 I've found what appears to be Kragrash's remains. I should search for the cellar key mentioned in his letter.
30 I've stumbled upon a strange set of remains: a crossbow, dwarven oil, and a burnt corpse. Juding [sic] by the crossbow, this may have been the vampire hunter I've heard rumors about. I should search the area.
Objective 30: Search the remains
40 I've found the key to Kragrash's cellar. I should return to Ironback Hideout and investigate.
40 I've found what appears to be the key to a cellar in Ironback Hideout on the vampire hunter's remains. I should go there and investigate.
Objective 40: Enter Ironback Hideout Cellar
200 Finishes quest  I've gained access to Kragrash's cellar, which contains all of his former vampire hunting equipment.
200 Finishes quest  I've gained access to the vampire hunter's cellar, which contains all of his former equipment.
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