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Unique Item: Nettlebane (0001c492)
(lore page)
Type One-handed Dagger
Editor ID T03Nettlebane
Damage Damage 6
Damage Damage 6 {{{health}}}
Speed 1.3
Speed 1.3 Reach 0.7
Weight Weight 10 Value Value 5
Quality Tempering Ebony Ingot
Quality Tempering Ebony Ingot Perk

Nettlebane is a unique, crudely-engraved ebony dagger, originally made by hagravens to sacrifice spriggans. Compared to the typical ebony dagger, Nettlebane compares unfavorably. It weighs twice what a normal ebony dagger would, does four points less damage, and is worth nowhere near as much gold. Furthermore, it can't even be enchanted, making it fairly worthless outside of its related quest. The only way to improve upon this weapon is tempering it with an ebony ingot, although it does not benefit from the Ebony Smithing perk.

During The Blessings of Nature, Nettlebane plays a critical role in restoring the Gildergreen to life. Danica Pure-Spring will send you in the direction of the witches of Orphan Rock who hold Nettlebane, so that you can use the blade to obtain a sample of the sap of Gildergreen's parent tree, the Eldergleam, in order to heal it. After obtaining the dagger and reporting back to Danica, she will point you towards the sanctuary, while a pilgrim, Maurice Jondrelle will offer to join you on the journey.

Once you two arrive at the Eldergleam's location, the Eldergleam Sanctuary, and after you use the dagger to clear out the roots blocking the path to the tree, Maurice will insist that you do not use Nettlebane on the holy tree as he has an alternative solution to the issue. Hearing him out will have him pray to the tree, causing a sapling to grow as a replacement for the dead Gildergreen. If you ignore him and hack at the tree with the dagger, Maurice will attack you, supported by a group of spriggans who will appear out of the earth to defend nature.

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