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Skyrim:The Lost Man's Reprieve

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The Lost Man's Reprieve
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Respawn Time 10 days
Console Location Code(s)
HelgenExterior03, HelgenExterior07
Falkreath Hold
The Lost Man's Reprieve

The Lost Man's Reprieve is a tavern in Helgen run and owned by Vilod that is destroyed at the start of the game.

You first see this building during the game's introductory sequence as you step down from the carriage that brought you to Helgen. It is the building directly behind Hadvar as he marks off the names of the prisoners on his list.

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This is the second structure you enter after Alduin interrupts your beheading. Climbing up the stairs of the tower fortification, the dragon explodes through the side of the tower. You are urged to jump into the building below through the hole in its roof. It has two floors.

The tavern after the dragon attack

On the upper floor are two non-interactive beds, two set of shelves holding clutter, one of which has been knocked over, one table with an overturned chair, three food barrels, and five loose bottles of mead with juniper berry. Since your hands are still bound when you enter the house, there can be no interaction with surrounding items. There are no steps or ladder to the ground floor, and you must jump down from the east end through a large hole in the floor. The ground floor contains two tables with over-turned chairs, one wardrobe, one end table and one unowned double bed. The building has several openings you can enter through; a northern door and several holes in the northern and eastern walls. You exit this building and join Hadvar or Ralof for the remainder of the first quest.

Upon returning, you will find at least four bandits have occupied this southern end of Helgen after the town has been abandoned, three in the tavern and one at the top of the tower you initially escaped through. If you enter from the north, you'll find additional enemies. The building can be approached directly from the mountains to the south of it. On the large wooden table you will find a random potion of healing and one of strength, as well as a large coin purse. You can sleep in the double bed on the ground floor if you have defeated all the bandits in the area, including the one at the top of the tower. You can also then fast travel directly from the building.


  • During the initial quest, Unbound, Ralof mentions Vilod, who makes mead with juniper berries. You can find these on the second floor. If they are not there, return after traveling for at least a day and check again.
  • The building can serve as a "home", since it has two safe containers and an unowned bed, if you do not mind disposing of the respawning bandits.
    • However, when the bandits spawn inside, there is a chance they may be carrying anything you placed in the containers, including weapons.[verification needed — see talk page]
  • This building is unnamed and features no tavern sign. However, an unused cell with the internal name HelgenTheLostMansReprieve uses tavern music, suggesting it may relate to this building.


  • As the special mead bottles weren't properly enabled in the game data, they don't appear as you pass through the destroyed building during the introductory sequence.