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Halldir (RefID: 000642C0)
Location Halldir's Cairn
Species Draugr Soul Common
Level Radiant (6-21) Type Undead
RefID 000642C0 BaseID 00064B1C
Other Information
Health 150-700 Magicka 50-160
Stamina 180-380
Primary Skills Conjuration, Destruction, One-handed, Restoration, Sneak
Faction(s) Creature Faction; DraugrFaction
Halldir as he appears after emerging from the energy beam in Halldir's Cairn

Halldir is a powerful draugr who can be found in Halldir's Cairn. He is a powerful mage and has been draining the life from anyone unfortunate enough to stray into his lair in order to preserve and eventually restore himself to full life. He carries a unique weapon, Halldir's Staff.

During battle, when he loses a third of his health, he will disappear and split into three different elemental versions of himself. Once these versions are killed, his ghost materializes and can be defeated.

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  • The clones of Halldir disappear quickly: after around 5-10 seconds. If you're quick enough, you can loot them before they vanish for an Ancient Nordic weapon of Frost Damage each, standard Draugr loot, and a high chance for a quantity of Ancient Nordic arrows, despite the clones being spellswords and not archers.
  • Halldir's clones are one of two instances of Draugr in the game that use all elements (fire, frost and shock) against you; the other is Jyrik Gauldurson, found in Saarthal. All other spellsword Draugr use frost magic exclusively.


  • After defeating Halldir, it is possible to obtain two of his staff. One is dropped, and the other can be found in his ash pile.
  • If you kill Halldir with a sneak attack, his elemental ghosts may be invisible, and upon their defeat Halldir will reappear as a pile of ash. ?